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Car rental vs carsharing: what's the difference? Advantages and disadvantages.

Modern life and urbanization have significantly changed our principles, we began to value our time, therefore, more often we prefer a car to public transport as the fastest way to move around the city. And the absence of your own car does not interfere with comfortable travel. Car rental has already become a common thing for people who often travel for work, on a tourist trip, or are simply used to moving around in comfort. However, in recent years, the carsharing service is gaining more and more popularity. What it is, and how it differs from the usual car rental for us, let's try to figure it out.

Difference between classic rental and car sharing

Carsharing is a short-term car rental service, you do not need to take a car for a whole day or more.

You can rent a car for several hours or even minutes with carsharing, for example, to go to your parents, make an important meeting or take heavy bags from the store. If you need a car for several days, then a classic car rental can be more profitable

Another feature of carsharing is the online process. All that is needed to drive a car is a registration in the application, uploading the necessary documents and adding a payment card. There are no office trips, operator calls, or paper copies.

Classic rent provides for ordering a car on the website or by phone, providing copies of documents and signing a lease agreement. However, there is no need to add the card. And you should choose what is more convenient for you.

An important difference between a carsharing and a car rental is the area where the car is used. Carsharing is valid only in certain cities of Ukraine and does not provide for movement between them. While the rental do not limit the territory of your trips, and you can travel throughout Ukraine.

There is also a difference in the provision of patrol. If you rented a car in a car rental company, you will have to fill up the fuel yourself at your own expense. And we must be prepared for the fact that the car can be issued with a half-empty fuel tank.

Carsharing include fuel in the rental price. So, for example, the Ukrainian carsharing Getmancar, depending on the tariff, provides free up to 100 km of gasoline per day. In addition, in the application you can see the amount of fuel in the fuel tank for each car. This gives significant advantages if you do not want to think at the gas station, how to refuel a car, how to open a gas tank, or simply do not have time for this. We chose a car, made sure that there was enough gasoline for the trip and went on business.

It should be said about the difference in the procedure for terminating the rent. Standart rental provides the return of the car to the pick-up point, that is, return the car to where you took it from.

Carsharing offers a more flexible way of returning a car: you leave it in the completion zones, which can be found in the app, they are scattered throughout the territory where the service operates. For example, you can take a car in Kyiv Boryspil airport and return it in the Solomensky district.

The last significant difference between usual rental and carsharing service is the availability of a car. Classic car rental usually has a daily schedule, which makes it impossible to rent a car at night. But the situations are different, if you need to make a night trip, carsharing will help you. Thanks to full autonomy, you have round-the-clock access to all cars of this service. In addition, car sharing can provide favorable nightly rates. As a bonus to this option, you will also have 24/7 customer support.

Taking into account all the features of both rental services, as a conclusion, we can highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Car rental vs carsharing

The advantages of a car rental

  • There is an opportunity to travel throughout the country.
  • Renting from several rates, it may be more profitable than car sharing.
  • Do not need to add a payment card.

Disadvantages of a car hire

  • You can be picked up and returned car only at the pick-up point.
  • It is necessary to spend time visiting the office and registering, signing papers.
  • It is necessary to refuel the car yourself.

The advantages of car sharing

  • Car is available around the clock.
  • It is possible to take a car from a few minutes.
  • No need to refuel.
  • It is convenient to return the car after the end of the trip.

Disadvantages of car sharing

  • Rent is possible only on condition of permanent internet connection.
  • Mandatory binding of a payment card.
  • Limited movement within the city.

Given a detailed analysis of all the features of rental services, you can choose for yourself the most convenient way to rent a vehicle, as well as book a car profitably, depending on the purpose and purposes of your trips.

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