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6 ideas for an unforgettable road trip in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with rich history, culture and incredible landscapes. Renting a car is a great way to see all the beauties of this country and get unforgettable impressions.

Kyiv region

For traveling around Kyiv region, it is better to rent a car in Kyiv. Our company can offer a car that will perfectly suit your needs. The issue of vehicles during martial law is carried out only in the office of the company, all addresses can be found here.

Map of Kiev region

Historical places: In Kyiv region you can visit many historical places, such as Mezhyhirya, Pirogovo, Park Kyivska Rus.

Natural sights: In the Kyiv region you should see such natural sights as Kyiv Reservoir, Dnieper rapids, Tripillya culture.

Active rest: In the Kyiv region you can go rafting, cycling, rock climbing and other kinds of active rest.

Recommendations for choosing a car:

For a comfortable trip across the flat terrain of the Kyiv region will be suitable:

  • Sedan: Spacious interior, comfortable suspension, economical fuel consumption.

  • Hatchback: Universal variant, suitable both for city trips and for traveling.

  • Universal: Capacious trunk, practical option for a family.

Dnepropetrovsk region

Dnipropetrovsk region and the main city of Dnipro is a region with a rich industrial history. Here you can visit museums of rocket and space technology, aviation history, mining industry.

But let's not forget about natural beauties, which can be enjoyed by visiting the Dnieper-Orel reserve (located between the Dnieper and Orel rivers), Bulakhovsky estuary and landscape preserves.

Map of Dnepropetrovsk region

Active rest: In Dnipropetrovsk region you can go rafting, cycling, rock climbing and other kinds of active rest.


A trip through the Transcarpathian region is an opportunity to enjoy fresh mountain air, crystal clear lakes, noisy waterfalls and centuries-old forests.

On the territory of Transcarpathian region there are many ancient castles, which keep centuries-old history.

Route from Kiev to Uzhgorod

Transcarpathia is a paradise for lovers of active recreation. Here you can go hiking, cycling, rafting, skiing and snowboarding.

We also recommend not to ignore the largest city - Uzhgorod

For comfortable traveling in the mountainous terrain of Transcarpathia it is better to use:

  • SUV: Four-wheel drive, high cross-country ability, comfortable off-road driving.

  • Crossover: Universal option, combines the advantages of a SUV and a passenger car.

Odessa region

Summer is getting closer and there is nothing better than a vacation on the shore of the gentle Black Sea. In Odessa region you will find a lot of sandy beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and do water sports.

But do not forget: during the martial law, visiting beaches and resort recreation areas may be prohibited. Follow the situation in the region from the messages of radio stations, television, social networks.

Route from Kiev to Odessa

In the Odessa region it is worth visiting such historical cities as Odessa - the pearl of the Black Sea, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Izmail.

Odessa region is famous for its wineries. Here you can visit wineries, taste wines and learn about the history of the emergence and development of this type of industry.

Recommendations for choosing a car:

For comfortable traveling in the flat terrain of the Odessa region:

An economical sedan with a spacious interior and trunk.

Lviv and the region

Lviv is a city with a unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Here you can see many ancient churches, churches, town hall and other architectural monuments.

Map of Lviv

Lviv cuisine is a real paradise for gourmets. Here you should try such traditional dishes as Lviv coffee, varenyky, banosh, deruny and chocolate.

Throughout the year Lviv hosts many festivals that attract tourists from all over the world.


Ukrainian Polissia is a land of bogs such as: Poddubychi, Grychyn, Velikiy Les (Great Forest) and others, forests and more than a dozen rivers. The region occupies the territory of several states:

  • Kyiv

  • Chernigov

  • Sumy

  • Zhytomyr

  • Volyn

  • Rivne

Here you can see many rare animals and plants, and visit such historical places as:

  • Ukrainian Stonehenge (Stone Village)

  • Korosten

  • Drevlyansky Park

  • Druzhbovsky quarry, etc.

Map of Polissia

Polissia is a great place for lovers of fishing, hunting, river rafting and cycling.

Useful tips from Autoprokat

  • Book a car in advance, especially if you plan to travel during the vacation season.

  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the rental and choose a rate that suits your needs.

  • Make sure the car is insured.

  • Bring all necessary documents, including your driver's license and passport.

  • Plan your route in advance and take into account weather conditions.

  • Pay attention to the current situation in the region you are going to visit.

  • Do not ignore air alerts.

  • Keep a supply of water and food in your vehicle.

  • Be careful on the roads and obey traffic rules.

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