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Important Information about Car Rental in Bucha

Autoprokat car rental company offers you to take a car for a rent in Bucha and other cities of Kyiv region.

Fleet and Car Rental Cost

The company`s fleet consists of the cars of the following classes:

  • Economy class (for example, Renault Logan) – from $13 per day
  • Medium Class (KIA Rio) from $14 per day
  • Comfort Class (VolksWagen Jetta TSI) – from $17 per day
  • Business Class (Hyundai Sonata) – from $17 per day
  • SUV (Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado) – from $21 per day*

You can get the minimum car rental cost on condition that you take a car for a rent on 30 days or more. The more number of days you take a car for a rent on, the cheaper is the cost of one day of rental.

There are cars with manual and automatic gearbox in the fleet, petrol and diesel-driven cars.

*The price for a car rental as of 10.02.2023 (updated)


You rent a car from Autoprokat company taking in terms of one of three tariff plans:


  • maximum mileage is 50 km/day (the exceeding mileage costs $2/km)
  • you can receive and return car only in the company`s office at working hours


  • maximum mileage: 200 km/day (the exceeding mileage $1/km)
  • you can receive / return the car in the company`s office at working hours, in other case you will have to pay extra charges

All inclusive

  • unlimited mileage
  • car rental without deposit
  • zero responsibility (deductible) if you get into road traffic accident. If an insured event occurs, you will lose nothing*
  • you can receive / return the car at any city point, 24/7
*Except for the cases that are not covered by the insurance, any insurance company does not pay for them

The Cases that are not Covered by the Insurance

Even the full insurance package does not cover everything. Here you will find this information in more detail:

  1. Any wheels / tires damage
  2. Water hammer effect (when the water gets into the engine, as a result it seized up)
  3. You drove through a red light and got into road traffic accident
  4. Hiding from a scene of an accident
  5. Getting into an accident when you are in a state of alcohol / drugs intoxication
  6. Taking medical supplies
  7. Driving a vehicle without a certain category
  8. Taking part in races
  9. You got into road traffic accident and did not tell about this to the insurance company
Car rental in Bucha currency
Car rental in Bucha tariffs
Car rental in Bucha insurance

You can book a car right now. Choose the one that suits you best. Or we will help you to do this.

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