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Safe car rental during COVID-19 pandemic disease

The problem of COVID-19 virus spread has touched upon all the Ukrainians without any exclusion. Every person had to change his or her usual way of living in this or that manner to lower the risk of contamination. Drastic changes in public transport work, as way as a rail one only promoted this.

The choice of the means of movement

There is a new task to the Ukrainians: hot to get to the destination and a serious issue how to choose the means of movement. In addition, before you make any decision, just think about that we are speaking about your safety. How to lower the risk of COVID-19 contamination?

At the same time, the transport needs to be not just safe but also cheap and fast if we take into an account Ukrainian realia.

Autoprokat car rental company is ready to provide you with the means of movement such as a car for a rent on the simplest conditions. Plus, you will get a high degree of comfort, which was completely absent when traveling by public transport.

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Benefits of trips on a rented car from Autoprokat

  • 1. Safety – before you get a car, Autoprokat company employees disinfects car saloon. Your trips will be the most safety among all other in this country!
  • 2. Car rental is cheap – during quarantine period in Ukraine, Autoprokat lowered the car rental prices. You can rent a car of economy class from $8 per day. If you need a car of a higher class, it will cost you from $10 per day.
  • 3. The comfort and travel speed – when you rent a car, you get it in your own full control. Car rental trips look like the ones on your own vehicle, but in fact, they are much better. You do not have care about: - The insurance – all the cars are insured: CDW and TPL - Tires – Autoprokat employees change them according to the season at the company`s cost - And other trivial expenses that in total will cost you lots of money
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When car I rent / book a car?

You can do it at any time convenient for you with the help of online form on Autoprokat website – 24/7.

When your booking is confirmed by the company`s manager, you will get a car at the specified time, in the specified place. You can receive and return the car at any city point – airport, harbor, railway station or at any other place.

Make safe trips with Autoprokat!

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