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Operating a Car in the Right Way

The bigger part of drivers have some habits because of which the useful life of their cars comes to an end earlier than it should be. In this article, you will find out some unspoken rules so that your car will be able to operate longer and there will be no road traffic accidents because of you operating it in the wrong way.

Increasing the speed and braking very sharply

The engine and the gearbox are overloaded when you brake or increase the speed very sharply. Every experienced driver will tell you that you must not act in such a way and do it smoothly.

The things we do not take into account

The signs on the control panel are, usually ignored by the drivers. This should not happen. They will tell you about the car state, maybe something is going to be out of order or needs to be urgently fixed. And if you do not take into account the signs in time, your car may break down just on the road. So, forget about such an attitude towards your car, take the instruction and read what this or that sign means carefully.

Tech inspection of the car? What is the reason for?

Every man needs medical inspection annually. So a car also needs to be examined by a specialist. Even if you think that, everything is OK and your car can wait without it for a couple of months more – do not hesitate! Take your car to the tech inspection annually in a strict manner.

Следы шин на дороге
Ошибки на приборной панели
Техосмотр автомобиля

Tire pressure

The low tire pressure influences the car driving and there is a risk in the road traffic accident. The overinflated tires are also not the best variant for your trip. Do not act from one extreme to another.


It often happens when the summer residents load their cars with almost everything they have and what they are able to put in the car. As a consequence the car is overloaded. Of course the car can drive you farther, but a big amount of the luggage negatively influences the engine, the tires and many other car systems. So, take only the things you really need. You`d better make two trips, than risk your life and the lives of other people.

Давление в шинах
Перегруженный автомобиль

Have you got acquainted with the rules? Now, apply them in the reality. And your car will live “happily ever-after”.

Using the right fuel

It's no secret that there are cars that run on gasoline or diesel, ( in some cases, owners install on their car LPG equipment.

First you need to know what kind of fuel is used. Data is usually indicated in the technical passport.

In order to determine what kind of gasoline should be poured, you just need to open the gas tank lid. Inside will be a sticker with recommendations from the manufacturer.

Filling neck

Also, many young drivers do not know which side of the car to drive to the fueling terminal. For this purpose, there is a pointer with an arrow on the dashboard, where it points - on that side you have a gas tank.

Gas tank filler neck location indicator

Fuel consumption of car

Every car owner should know what is the average fuel consumption per each 100 kilometers for this car, because if the car spends more than usual, it may indicate a probable breakdown or malfunction of the vehicle, for which it is recommended to contact specialists at the service station.

In order to find out this information - it is easiest to look at the car’s manual. Also, the standard fuel consumption of your model may be indicated on the manufacturer's website.

What does the consumption rate depend on?

  • Engine displacement - the greater the displacement, the greater the consumption.
  • Type of gearbox - cars with manual transmission consume less fuel.
  • Car weight - an overloaded car consumes more.
  • Air conditioning - when air conditioning is on in the car, your car will increase fuel consumption up to 10%.
  • Sharp acceleration and braking.
  • The most economical mode - driving at a speed of 80-100 km/h.
  • Fuel quality.

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