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Emergency situation with a rented car. Advice. Actions and consequences.

The road always carries certain risks because of speed. Even an experienced driver can make mistakes, fail to react in time, or become a participant in a traffic accident through the fault of another driver. However, in the event of an accident with our car, we usually have a clear algorithm of actions. No one knows what to do if an accident happened with a rented car.

How to avoid unpleasant situations on the road while renting a car, will help you figure out the specialists of the car rental company AutoArenda.


First of all, you need to inspect the selected car for visual imperfections, scratches, dents, check the wheels. Despite the fact that rental services constantly inspect their fleet, the human factor should be taken into account, as well as the constant operation of the car by various drivers.

Next, it should be said about insurance. All cars in rental services are insured with a deductible. The deductible is a deposit that is blocked on your account when renting a car If the car is damaged, the deductible amount is refunded from this deposit. However, you can reduce your deductible by paying for additional insurance. Thus, in the event of a traffic accident, your costs will be minimal. Therefore, by purchasing additional insurance, you are buying your peace of mind.

The next tip is pretty trivial, but some people forget about it. Do not drive if you feel unwell or are taking strong medications that are contraindicated while driving. You have always think clearly in order to control all the situations on the road.

And last but not least - do not drive while intoxicated. Even if you only drink a glass of beer with a friend, took a couple of sips of wine - all this can adversely affect your trip. Alcohol and drugs dull attention and exclude the possibility of safely driving a vehicle.

Actions in case of an accident with a rented car

If you get into an accident with a rented car, you should adhere to the following points:

  1. Never leave the scene of accident. It isn`t solve your problem, but may add new ones. Hiding from the scene of accident gives rights to the insurance company to refuse compensation for losses.
  2. Turn on the warning triangle and mark the location of the accident with road triangles.
  3. Call the police immediately and wait for them to arrive.
  4. Call the car rental company and honestly tell them about the situation. It should be understood that the rental service is not your enemy, but they need to know all the nuances of the accident in order to contact the insurance company for compensation.
  5. Take a test for alcohol, the police will offer you to do it with the help of a dragger device.
  6. Get all the necessary documents from the police and provide them to the car rental service.
  7. Follow the advices of the rental company, they will inform you about your next steps.


If you adhered to all above points and did not grossly violate the traffic rules, the insurance company will reimburse all losses caused, except for the amount of the deductible, which is blocked on your credit card when renting a car (This is where we understand all the advantages of additional insurance). If the accident happened due to the fault of another driver, you will not need to pay anything extra, and the amount of the deductible will be returned to your account in full.

However, it should be remembered: if you left the scene of the accident, committed a gross violation of traffic rules or were in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication during an accident, all responsibility, including financial, rests with you.


Considering all of the above, we can conclude that it is better to rent a car with additional insurance, you should always check the vehicle before traveling and be a responsible driver. In case of an accident, you should follow the algorithm of actions, do not leave the scene of accident, do not drive while intoxicated. Also, attentiveness and responsibility are the best factors in preventing unpleasant situations on the road.

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