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How take a car for a rent in Ukraine for a foreigner

Car rental in Lviv

Which car to choose? This question is rather difficult to answer: everything depends on which city is interesting for you. If your choice is for a central city of the West of Ukraine – Lviv, then only a tiny car will suit you. In order to take a car for a rent in Lviv it does not necessary to run in search for Smart for two. An ordinary small car will suit the narrow streets of Lviv. If you choose a big car you just leave yourself no choice in making it possible to park the car. It`s length should be no longer than in an average car: Ravon R2, Renault Logan, Hyundai I10/30 – are the cars which make your trip in Lviv comfortable.

a car on the trees background

Car rental in Kyiv

People, for example, usually arrive at Kyiv for business meetings. That is why, to to take a car for a rent in Kyiv you need to choose a car of a relevant class – a car of a business class will be suitable for such trips, when you drive on such a car, you will make an impression of a reliable business partner. Then, your cars are: Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry and others in a class.

Toyota in the mountains

SUV for the trips in the country

If you are going to spend much time of your car rental period in the region, moving from one city to another: you will need a car with a high clearance – the best decision will be to take SUV. It will cope with any quality of the road that you will face beyond the city.

shake hands on a car background

Foreign clients

More foreigners started to take cars for a rent in Ukraine for the last few years. As a rule, they came here on business affairs. Turkey, for example, is at the first place of visiting it by Ukrainians. Also, you can see many foreigners who came from China and Turkmenia to study in Ukraine.

As a rule, foreign tourists come to Ukraine and take cars for a rent in the big cities;

Lviv - to get acquainted with the West of Ukraine, its culture, architecture and history;

Odessa – particular in the summer, to have a rent on the Black sea coast;

Dnipro – for the trips in the region, in other countries in personal goals;

Kyiv – in business issues.

Recommendations for tourists

a road of a bad quality

Quality of the roads

Nowadays, the roads are actively repaired in Ukraine. However, you need to take into account the fact that such an activity appeared not for a long time ago – many parts of a the roads leave much to be desired. That is why, maybe the best recommendation will be to rent SUV for the trips in Ukraine.

traffic jams on Kyiv roads

Do not waste your time in traffic jams

On the work days there are traffic jams on big parts of the cities roads. That is why, drive earlier not to get stuck in the traffic jam when people are in a hurry to their working place / or going at home. Or plan your time in such a way not to be on the road in the peak-hour.

points of contract

The choice of additional services

It is not necessary to drive to a car rental company to get a car for a rent. Save your time and order an additional service of receiving / giving back the car at the airport, on the railway station, within the city. For an additional sum of money, you will get a car wherever you want and take it back in the same way.

Nobody limit you in driving a car just within the city of receiving a car. The whole territory of the country is available for your trips (except for forbidden zones, discussed earlier with the company employee). And you are not obliged to return the car at the every place you got it: it will be enough for you to order additional service of returning the car in another city – this will cost an additional sum of money but it will save your private time that you can spend on more useful things to do.

The same situation is with the time of receiving / returning the car. You do not have to wait for, for example, Monday 9 am to take and give back a car. The service is available 24/7, just talk to a company manager and agree on a time and a day when it will be convenient for you to take / return a car.

You can read about car rental conditions of Ukrainehere. And the tip of choosing a car and a city has already been mentioned above. You are free in your choice.

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