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Popular places in Odessa

Odessa is first of all famous for its resort. But this does not mean that tourists come here only to sunbathe and swim in the Black sea. There are a lot of famous places of interest, that will definitely draw your attention.

Potemkin square

There is a beautiful and picturesque view on Odessa port. This is a symbol and a visit card of Odessa. The 192 stairs were built in the end of the 19th century. On top of stairs is located a monument to duke de Richelieu – a person who found Odessa.

The theatre of opera and ballet

The theatre of opera and ballet in Odessa – is one the most beautiful theatres not on the territory of Ukraine, but in the whole Europe. It was built in 1887 in baroque style. It is valued not only because of its architectural style – there is also a great acoustics.


The catacombs in Odessa city were created in the time when the city was found. In World War II they were a sanctuary for partisans. Nowadays a part of catacombs (a small part of it) is opened for excursions. You will see the places that are full of secrets and legends. Catacombs will be interested for everybody who prefers an active type of rest. .

Одесский театр оперы и балета
Одесские катакомбы

Derybasivska street

This is the main street of the city. An interesting fact, that the locals never show you the right direction. Just ask them and they will show you with both hands in different sides. The heart of the city where you can stroll, visit a café, souvenir shops that are located on this street.

Dolphinarium “Nemo”

You can not only look at the show where dolphins take part, but also swim with them, for an additional cost. Not only children but also adults will like this touching creatures. The dolphinarium is opened every day.

Дерибасовская улица
Дельфинарий «Немо»

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