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How to move around Kyiv in quarantine?

With the advent of the pandemic, our life turned upside down, people faced not only the consequences of a severe virus, but also with the difficulties of moving around the city. The rapid increase in the number of infected is forcing the authorities to take drastic measures. With the last lockdown, a restriction on public transport was introduced, which caused a lot of trouble in attempts to get to work, visit relatives, buy necessary things, groceries, and more. Therefore a logical question arises: how to move around the capital in order to protect yourself and not expose yourself to the threat of infection? Below we will consider all possible ways of getting around, including car rental, and choose the best transport for traveling around Kyiv during a pandemic.

Own car

If you have your own car, this will allow you to painlessly survive all the restrictions that are aimed at combating the spread of the virus. In your car, you can safely move around the city, observe the required distance and exclude any contact with people. In a pandemic, this is the best way to travel. But what if the family doesn't have a car?

Public transport

The most unsafe mode of transportation is public land and underground transport. Buses, fixed-route taxis and subways are crowded places where the rules of a safe distance, and sometimes mandatory protective equipment, are ignored, which poses a real threat to health. In addition, in the event of a lockdown, public transport can again be limited or canceled altogether, making it an unreliable means during the epidemic. Therefore, if possible, it is better to refrain from traveling to such crowded places.


A good way to get to your destination if it is a one-time trip. Taxis are safer than public transport, but they are also much more expensive. A usual short trip from point A to point B will cost about 70-80 UAH, and on weekends and holidays the amount is usually higher, not to mention the rise in tariffs during the lockdown, when the price for the trip reached 700 UAH. Therefore, if you need to visit several places in a day, then the amount for the trip will greatly upset you.

Rental car

It may seem like very expensive and difficult. In fact, many people in Kyiv have long been moving around the city in this way, having appreciated all the convenience and ease of renting a car. You practically have your own car, only you do not pay for it all the time, but only for the period of use. After owning a car, a rented car is the most popular and convenient means of transport.

Car rental has long become commonplace for many Ukrainians. Now, during quarantine and transport restrictions, this is the most popular way to travel after your own car. Consider the reasons for the popularity of this type of transport.

Benefits of driving a rented car

Safety. By renting a car, you get a treated, clean vehicle in which only you and your loved ones will drive. No need to crowd in overcrowded minibuses, pass dirty money for travel or communicate with the driver.

Availability. You can choose a car for every taste and budget. In the rental, there are cars in the inexpensive segment, for example, small cars of "economy" class that will perfectly cope with city trips, as well as cars with increased comfort or SUVs for those who are accustomed to the convenience of movement. If you make several trips in a day, often get stuck in traffic jams or spend most of your time on the road, renting a car will be cheaper than taking a taxi every time.

Reliability. The all cars are new, undergo maintenance according to the regulations, are always shod with a set of tires for the season and meet all safety requirements. Therefore, when renting a car, you can be sure that it will definitely take you to your destination, quickly and without "surprises".

Mobility. A rental car is, in fact, your own car, only for a while. You can easily move around the city and region, and not be tied to time and locality. In addition, you can rent a car both for a long term and for a short time.

Comfort. A pleasant, clean interior of a car, selected according to your requirements and desires, will provide the most comfortable movement around the city and beyond.

As you can see, the popularity of moving around Kiev during quarantine in a rental car is fully justified. This is the safest and most profitable transport if you do not have your own car. Therefore, without a doubt, rent a car for any of your purposes and trips. We will always help with the choice and offer the most current models at the best prices.

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