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How to care about your car

Taking proper care of your car is an important and imperative process for every owner. After all, the better you take care of the car, the longer you use it. In addition, a well-groomed car has an attractive appearance and a high second-hand sales cost.

Therefore, a few simple rules will help you keep your car in top condition.

Technical maintenance

You need to start with the most important thing - the technical part of the car. In order the car operate properly and reliably, we must not forget about regular maintenance and diagnostics, which will help to find and prevent malfunctions and deviations of the main systems of the car.

How to care about your car - Car body

Car body

The car body is the first thing we see in the car, so caring it is a particular importance. Regular car washing with special detergents with anti-corrosion effect will remove road dirt, bitumen microparticles, salt residues in winter, etc., which can damage the paintwork of the car, and protect against possible corrosion. Attention should be paid to washing the interior surfaces, such as wheel arches, sills, underbody, etc., where the accumulation of dirt and dust is most common. To preserve the paintwork of the body from cracks, chips and scratches, you can also polish the car. In addition to protective properties, polishing will provide the car with a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

How to care about your car - Oils


The oil change must be done every 10,000 km; it is better to use a reliable, proven brand of oil. But some car brands also indicate a longer oil change interval, for example, 15,000 - 20,000 km. There are 8000 km (5000 miles) indicated for the US cars as maintenance data. The correct answer, according to the service interval, is the recommendation of the profile service station and the place of car usage. If the car is used in urban conditions, it is better to carry out more frequent oil changes.

In addition to oil, it is necessary to check the presence of transmission, cooling, washing and other fluids.

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How to care about your car - Tires and rims

Tires and rims

To prevent accidents and save fuel, it is necessary to carry out regular measurements of tire pressure and not to allow the use of too worn-out rubber, the absence of a tread pattern on the tires will not provide sufficient traction, and this can lead to an emergency. Wash and clean your wheel discs regularly so that dirt and dust from the brake pads do not corrode their coating, and excess dirt does not create imbalance when driving.

How to care about your car - Brake pads

Brake pads

Brake pads are your safety, so, in any case, do not skimp on replacing them. Experts advise replacing the pads every 30,000 - 40,000 km, or, if necessary, earlier. Many cars have sensors that indicate when the brake pads need to be replaced. Use reliable, original pads, because they will keep the brake discs of your car and will work 100%.

How to care about your car - Headlights


Do not use harsh products or chemical solvents to clean the headlights, they can damage the coating and lead to dull headlights. Instead, to avoid tarnishing the plastic coating of the headlights, you can use special polish for glass and headlights; they protect against UV and help maintain the shine of lights.

How to care about your car - The car interior

The car interior

If you plan to keep your car looking good for a long time, you need to make it a rule to clean the interior regularly. Use special products for each of the surfaces: for cleaning and preserving the color of the upholstery, for plastics, wood, leather, etc. It is enough to wipe leather chairs once a month (or more often if the skin is light) with a dry cloth with a skin care product, such products will protect against burnout, cracks and abrasions. In a cloth interior, use a vacuum cleaner before cleaning. To avoid fading of the upholstery, be it cloth or leather, it is better to use special curtains for glass in the warm season, they will protect your interior from direct rays of the sun.

If the car has a heated seat function, remember that in this case they cannot be wetted, it is better to use dry foam.

Thus, in order to keep your car in excellent condition as long as possible, you need to constantly take care of the car, both the exterior of the body and the internal components of the car.

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