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How to choose a car for a rent

A number of useful pieces of advice which car for a rent it is better to rent exactly you. If you face this issue for the first time and you cannot make up your mind which car it is better to choose (it’s just that the eyes run wide from the assortment that car rental companies offer), then this article is exactly for you.

Pieces of advice to choose a car for a rent

  1. The aim of renting a car

    Make up your mind for what aim you need to rent a car:

    • - You need the means of movement, the minimum comfort requirements and not more. Then, the car from economy class suits you. The car of such a class needs a small amount of fuel even during the city trip and it will suit for the trips in urban settings – Skoda Fabia, Renault Logan (manual gearbox), Ravon R2 (automatic gearbox)
    • - You need better movement requirements, but you are not going to spend lots of money – the medium class is your choice – Peugeot 301, Skoda Fabia Wagon (manual gearbox), KIA Rio, Renault Sandero Stepway (the last cars is with the high clearance) – automatic gearbox
    • - For comfort appraisers during the trip, as well as for the trips with all of your nearest and dearest, it would be better to choose a car of a comfort class – Renault Fluence (there are the modifications with diesel-driven engine, that can save you some money), Hyundai I30, Mazda 3 (all of them are equipped with automatic gearbox)
    • - You need a car for business trips and for everything that is connected with your working issues – you can easily choose a car of a business class – Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry (automatic gearbox)
    • - You are going for a trip around the region, maybe you would drive overland – rent SUV. It will ideally suit the trips that are in the country – Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado
  2. Do not choose a car all of a sudden

    If you are an amateur at transport issues, the best decision is to put yourself in the hands of the professional and choose the very variant, that offers you the manager of a car rental company.

  3. Examine the car

    Examine the car

    Before you sign the car rental contract, first of all you need to examine the car. Any decent car rental company supposes you to do this. If they do not do this, do not be so shy and inform them about your wish: to examine the car and make sure that there are all the damages (if there are such on a car) in the car rental contract.

  4. Gearbox, fuel

    Car rental companies has the cars equipped with the mechanic and automatic gearboxes. Please, do not make any experiments and choose that gearbox with which you get used to drive. You can also be offered a car with a petrol-driven or a diesel-driven engine on your choice.

If you follow this useful pieces of advice, you will be able to rent a car and not find yourself in the wrong boat, they will make your task easier – to rent the means of transport with minimum financial losses.

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