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When will a car engine fail?

What is your worst dream? If you have a car, it's easy to assume that there is an engine breakdown. This is the worst thought of all those who have a car, or at least once had one.

Experts have found out what is the "lifespan" of modern cars. Namely, up to 500,000 kilometers, the motor should be fine.

Exceptions to the rule

In fact, there are also insidious fakes on the car market, and if this is not noticed in time, your newly purchased car is unlikely to travel the declared 500,000 kilometers.

An exception is also cars that have traveled more distance than indicated. This may indicate not only that the cars are of high quality, but also that the car owners have monitored cars, followed numerous recommendations and rules for the use of such devices.

Long engine life factors

There are three factors that will make your car last longer than you expected do. Namely, it is necessary that you:

  • Carry out the inspection in a timely manner.
  • Only refuel the car with high-quality fuel.
  • Treat the car not as a heap of metal, but as a complex, working mechanism that requires no less care than a person

Follow the simple rules of car care, do not go too far, and your car will drive you for a very long time.

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