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Parking in Kyiv

The question of parking in the capital is always relevant, because it is very difficult without a car in Kyiv, but where to put the car in crowded and busy city is even more problematic.

Indeed, parking in Kyiv can be a complicated quest, but with the right knowledge and understanding of the rules and peculiarities it can be made easier. In this article we will discuss types and rules of parking in Kyiv, including for rental cars, and give recommendations for proper parking. We will also consider different types of parking, such as parallel, angled and others. With this information you will have everything you need to make your parking in Kyiv as comfortable as possible.

Is municipal parking paid or not?

Yes and no. Municipal parking lots in Kyiv are located in every district of Kyiv and are paid by the hour or by subscription. But they are paid only on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, so you do not have to pay for parking at other times, and at any time on weekends.

How much does city parking cost?

Depending on the area, the price per hour will vary:

  • Zone I (central part of the city) – 35 UAH/hour.
  • II zone (more distant central districts as well as parkings of trade centers, station areas and others) – 25 UAH/hour.
  • III zone (other parking spaces) – 5 UAH/hour.

You can also buy daily or monthly passes.

Are there any fines for unpaid parking?

There are. The Parking Inspectorate is responsible for enforcing parking rules, including paying for paid parking spaces. The inspector can check in the database to see if your space is paid for and write you a fine for parking without paying. The fine is 20 times the cost of parking per hour, so we recommend paying for parking to avoid unexpected costs.

How to pay for parking in the capital?

At the moment, cashless payment for city parking is possible with the help of "Privat 24", "Kyiv Tsifrovy", Easy Pay applications, or with the help of the websites ipay.ua and easypay.ua.

Parking for electric cars

With the growing popularity of electric-powered cars, authorities have also begun adapting infrastructure for such more environmentally beneficial transport. In Kyiv, you can see charging stations at large parking lots and parking lots of entertainment centers. Special parking lots for electric vehicles have also appeared, they are marked with special road signs and markings symbolizing electric cars.

Note that in the country there are fines for parking cars with internal combustion engines in the parking spaces for electric cars.

Знаки парковки

parking sign 5.42.1


parking sign 5.42.2


parking sign 5.43


Places and zones allocated for parking are indicated by signs 5.42.1, 5.42.2 and 5.43, in their zone you can safely park. Next to the parking sign there can be one of the signs indicating the way of parking:

  • parking on the roadway along the sidewalk sign - parking is allowed on the roadway along the sidewalk;
  • parking along the sidewalk and the roadway sign - parking is allowed along the sidewalk and the roadway;
  • parking on the sidewalk along the roadway sign - parking is allowed on the sidewalk along the roadway;
  • parking near the sidewalk sign - parking is allowed near the sidewalk;
  • parking using the sidewalk (with the front wheels) sign - parking is allowed using the sidewalk (with the front wheels);
  • parking on the sidewalk sign - parking is allowed on the sidewalk;
  • parking at 30°, 45° or 60° sign - parking is allowed at 30°, 45° or 60°.

Note that signs showing the way of parking vehicles are not advisory, but mandatory, that is, you must park the car as shown on the sign so as not to violate the rules.

If there is a sign 7.14 next to the parking sign it means that the parking is paid.

paid parking sign


Parking properly

It's not always easy to park your car without violations, especially in the capital, but by following the signs you can leave your car without fear of being fined or evacuated.

Apart from the way of parking, it is also important to remember where not to park your car:

  • on streetcar tracks and at railroad crossings;
  • at bus and minibus stops;
  • on flowerbeds, lawns, greenery areas;
  • at crosswalks and 10 m before them;
  • in tunnels and on entrances and exits;
  • on overpasses, bridges, various overpasses and under them;
  • In other places where the auto may interfere with the movement of other vehicles and pedestrians.

In addition:

  • It is prohibited to park a car in the second row, blocking the passage of other vehicles;
  • It is prohibited to park in the spaces for people with disabilities, unless you have a special sign on your car;
  • It is forbidden to park in the spaces for electric vehicles.

Now you know more about parking in Kyiv and will be able to park your car in the right place without problems, following rules and recommendations, and also know where and how to pay for parking of your car. We wish you pleasant journeys and easy parking in the capital.

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