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Useful tips if you decide to rent a car

When you need a car for a rent, for any reason, you always want to save some money on car rental services. Imagine that with the saved money you will be able to allow yourself a little bit more. So, can you pay less and get all the comfortable conditions that car rental companies offers on their websites?

Independent research

You will have to spend some time in the search of the car rental company conditions and price policy that are suitable for you. In other words, the price quality-ration is what you definitely need.

The services you do not need

You do not need an additional insurance cover or unlimited mileage, do you? Cross them out from your list if the company thrust them upon you. Such services as wi-fi routers, child boosters, unlimited mileage… additional insurance cover… - are not included into the price of car rental cost and you will have to pay for them with and additional sum of money, if, of course, you need them.

All that is mine with me all the time

Do you have your own navigator? Then, why do you need to order such a service if you have an ability to use your own one?

Пограничная служба и страховой полис
Подорожание страхового полиса
Почему поднимутся цены на полис

International driver`s license

Do not be in a hurry to make it. If your name and surname are transliterated on the driver`s license and here states category B, you do not need to make international driver`s license additionally in order to drive abroad.

An additional driver

You need somebody to drive the car instead of you at times, don`t you? This does not mean that you need the services of a professional driver who works in the company. You can order such a service as “additional driver, that means that you friend / relative can drive a rented car. All that you need is his name to be in the contract (and, of course, his and your own presence while signing the contract).

Our company AutoArenda offers you to take a car for rent on the territory of Ukraine. We have the lowest prices on the car rental service – a car from economy class will cost you from $15 per day. The reasonable prices does not mean that car rental conditions are far from ideal ones, this is not true. We offer the best of the best for our clients.

All you need to take a car is to take your:

  • Passport
  • Driver`s license with category B
Изменения полиса страхования
Запрос проверки полиса

You must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • And your driving experience – at least 2 years old.

You can read the more detailed car rental conditions in the corresponding portion of our . website

Does everything suit you? Then go ahead and take over the roads of Ukraine with AutoArenda.

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