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The Cars Damaged with the Acid in Kyiv

There is an unpleasable surprise for the cars owners at the night of the 16th of September. You could park the car in the right way according to the road traffic rules and it detained nobody, but still could be damaged.

Close to 30 cars on the territory of housing complex close to “Slavutich” metro station were damaged with an acid. And these are just first numbers of those who have suffered.

Parking will not help

You think that if you leave a car on a payable parking and such a problem will not concern you, do not relax so quickly. Because some days before on one of the parking on “Krasnyi Kamen” (The Red Stone), also many cars were damaged with the help of an acid.

A vandal or some group of persons who enjoys vandalism has not been found. The investigation is going on, but on the guilty one has not been found on the hot traces.


There are 3 ways to save your car so that it will not be damaged:

  1. Leave a car on a very well guarded parking, where there is no access to the strangers.
  2. Use public transport or taxi services – in the first case, you lose a great amount of your time, and using taxi services – you lose money.
  3. Take a car for a rent. AutoArenda car rental company will help you to find the most suitable car for your trips.

Three tariff plans

AutoArenda car rental company offers to order a car, by choosing one of the tariff plans:

  • Economy – the cheapest variant, you pay for the day of rent a little sum of money, but the amount of deposit you leave is rather big.
  • Standard – reasonable prices as for the day of rent, so for the deposit.
  • All inclusive – you do not leave deposit at all, but the day of rent will cost much more than in the previously mentioned tariff plans.

You can find car rental conditions of AutoArenda car rental company in more detail, if you follow the link.

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