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National Reserves and Parks of Ukraine

National reserves and parks on the territory of Ukraine are famous for its diverse flora and fauna – a part of which is in the endangered-species list. Beautiful ancient forests, plains and lakes – about these and many other things you can read in this article.


The winner in the “Seven wonders of Ukraine” competition and a leader in out top-list of national biospheric reserves of Ukraine – Askania-Nova. The reserve if located in Kherson region. Tourists come here to see the plain territory that has not ever been touched by a man and different wild animals – almost 70 of which are in the endangered-species list. This is the only one plain which has no analogues in Europe.

What to do at Askania-Nova:

  • Take part in the excursion at the botanical garden and the zoo;
  • Study with the scientific employee the wild plains of the reserve.

Dunay Reserve

Making a trip on Dunay river delta at the reserve you can enjoy the views on water lilies and pelicans that are hunting nearby. 500 types of plants, 200 species of birds and innumerable number of animals – that are in the endangered-species list are the wealth of Dunay reserve that is located in Odessa region.

Dunay Reserve

What to do at Dunay reserve:

  • Take part in the excursion that leads to Kilometer Zero – the place where Dunay flows into Black sea;
  • Go to see water-lilies – you just need to choose the time when they bloom;
  • Go with an excursion group to the islands of long-timers where you will be treated with fish soup just from Dunay catch of fish.

Shatsky National Natural Park

First of all the park is famous not for the hectares of forests with the diversity of medicinal herbs and mushrooms, not for sand baeches but for its lakes. Shatsky lakes – is the main pride of natural park. There are 24 of them, they are important not only for Ukraine but also for East Europe. So, for example, the biggest lake of Ukraine – Svitiaz is also located on the territory of Shatky national natural park. Its water are considered to be curable and make the healing process faster.

Shatsky National Natural Park

What to do at Shatsky national natural park:

  • Sunbathe on the beach and swim in one of the lakes – when it is hot outside, enjoying fishing – at any period of the year;
  • There is flat land at Shatsky park that is why you will have no problems riding bicycle here;
  • Visit an annual festival of the Ukrainian song “On Svitiaz waves” that takes part at Shatsky park at Saint John the Baptist`s day.

Carpathian national Natural Park

All the beauty of mountains lies in the Carpathian national natural park. The jighest mountain of Ukraine – Hoverla is actually located at Carpathian national park. The territory of Carpathian Mountains is covered with forests, some of the trees are even 500 years old.

Carpathian national Natural Park

What to do in the park:

  • Do mountain climbing;
  • You can paddle boats;
  • Swim in one of the mineral water springs – maybe it will help you with your health issues(if there is any).

“Stone grave” reserve

Located not far from Zaporizhia, the reserve, according to its name is famous for its mountain blocks and ancient graves – mounds as well as Scythian statues. Moreover, this is the only territory of Ukraine where there are cave drawings starting from the late paleolith till the Middle ages.

“Stone grave” reserve

What to do:

  • Go with an excursion group to study ancient mounds;
  • Visit caves and grots with ancient cave drawings.

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