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Fine for using the air conditioner

In summer when it is very hot and you feel like an ice-cream that is melting, not only under the hot sun, but also in the shadow. In such days, the amount of people who are moving from one conditioner to another is getting closer to 100%.

As a fact, being at home or at work everybody turns of his or her conditioner. But the trip in the public transport is hard to survive, when you envy those who are driving their own cars because they can be equipped with conditioners and survive this hot summer weather.

The Drivers are (not) lucky

It can be argued that they are lucky. Because when they turn on the conditioner, they can get a fine. It sounds a little bit absurdly but it is a fact.

When you get into a car after that you started the engine, you first of all turn on the conditioner. You can get off your car and breathe fresh air while the saloon is getting cooler and the temperature there lows to the level that is normal for a living being.

According to the law

According to the 30 point of the law about the traffic movement while using a car you may not make unnecessarily noise and burnt gases that you can escape, the people around you may not like this noise, and burnt gases make harm to the environment in your city. It is forbidden to operate the engine without an important reason.

Кондиционер в автомобиле
Закон Украины

Explanation: when you turn on the engine to make the car saloon cooler, you violate the law and can get a fine for this.

It is a little bit unexpectedly, isn`t it? You will get a fine even if “you did not know”, “you felt bad in the hot car” and other explanations why you needed to make a car saloon cooler, before starting to move. Because the ignorance of law is of no excuse.

So, you may make it cooler in the car saloon only while starting to drive without making harm to your pocket.

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