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New Year in Kyiv

If you are a resident of the capital or come to Kyiv for the New Year holidays, you are very lucky, because on holidays the city comes alive, lights up all its lights and meets everyone with a pleasant atmosphere and New Year's bustle. Everyone here will find something to do, what to visit and where to go to relax. The main thing is that there is a desire and comfortable transport.

It is better to take care of mobility and movement around the city in advance, because public transport will run less frequently, and taxi services, taking advantage of the holidays, will significantly raise prices. Therefore, the best option would be to drive your own car, and if you don't have one, then use the car rental services in Kyiv.

new year in Kiev

Fortunately, over the years, car rental in the capital of Ukraine has become a popular service, so you can easily get yourself a good car for your winter holidays and just comfortable movement around the city. If you are looking for where in Kyiv to rent a reliable car at a bargain price, the Auto Arenda company, which has been operating in the rental market for many years, can offer you excellent car options with an ideal price/quality ratio.

The cost of rent a car in Kyiv for the New Year holidays

Towards the end of the year, prices for car hire in Kyiv and the region will only grow, as the demand for rental increases. But the Auto Arenda company decided to please its clients with a pleasant price list for cars of all classes. Now and until the end of the year, you can rent a car at a promotional price, which is already indicated on the website.

The most economical option

At the most affordable prices, you can take economical subcompact cars such as Ravon R2, Skoda Fabia or Peugeot 301. Prices start from 350 UAH per day, depending on the period and tariff. It is most profitable to rent a car for a month, but if you want to drive only on holidays, there is also a good price for rent from two weeks – 405 - 567 UAH per day.

We do not drive without comfort

For a more comfortable ride, you can choose cars of the comfort or business class. In these classes, you will definitely choose the best option for yourself, since the fleet has many top models, almost all cars are automatic and quite spacious, which can be an advantage for a large company. For example, you can rent a Mazda 3, Volkswagen Jetta TSI or Hyundai Elantra for a week for 918 UAH per day, and if you book for a month, the price will drop to 405 UAH per day.

Renting a SUV will not cost as much as everyone thinks

You can also rent a reliable SUV if you are not going to be limited to trips only around the capital, but would like to go, say, to the Carpathians or Lviv, which are popular locations in winter. The Volkswagen Tiguan, Ford Escape or Toyota RAV 4 are available for rent in our service, and will cost 1134 UAH per day when renting for a week or 1053 UAH per day when rented for two weeks. If you plan to rent a car for a month, the price will be the most favorable – from 567 UAH per day of hire.

The choice of cars is extensive for any purpose and budget, so go to the Auto Arenda website and choose a car according to your requirements.

But hurry up if you want to find the best car for yourself, as a week before the New Year, cars are almost completely sold out.

How to spend the New Year in Kyiv?

It all depends on your imagination and budget. For many, New Year's Eve is a very important event that needs to be met in a special way. After all, many believe: as you meet the new year, so you will spend it.

car rental in Kiev for the new year

Cafes and restaurants

If you are a fan of noisy parties, you can book a table in one of the capital's establishments. Many clubs, cafes and restaurants offer an active entertainment program on New Year's Eve. But it is worth hurrying up, because they begin to book places for a holiday already a couple of months in advance.

We go to the Christmas tree in Kyiv

You can celebrate the New Year like in America, right in the open air. To do this, go to Sofia Square, where the country's main Christmas tree is installed annually. You won't be bored here either, because for the holidays a whole Christmas town is being set up near the Christmas tree, where you can have a tasty snack, warm yourself with tea or cocoa, and a large ice rink with an area of about 400 square meters will be installed near the monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky, and everyone can go ice skating. Both adults and children will be delighted.

Then go to Khreshchatyk

You can also walk a little on Khreshchatyk – a favorite place for Kyiv residents and visitors. By the way, when moving around in Kyiv on holidays, you need to know that Khreshchatyk will be closed for transport, and a pedestrian zone will be open there on holidays.

We visit New Year trees, festivities and interesting places throughout Kyiv

By the way, in the capital you can find a New Year tree in every district. In total, more than ten festive locations will be installed around the city, and in each of them you can visit and take vivid photos. But in order to be in time everywhere, you definitely cannot do without a rental car. By the way, the locations are planned to open by December 16, so you can start planning your car route.

If the fresh frosty air does not scare you, you can also say goodbye to the outgoing year, admiring the landscape of night Kyiv, on the Kontraktova Square decorated for the holiday and near the People's Friendship Arch.

If you want to spend interesting time with your children, you can visit the Kyiv Planetarium, where, along with the starry sky, a New Year tree and gifts for children will be waiting for you.

Let's go out of town and have fun

You can also celebrate the New Year with a large friendly company of friends and relatives in suburban complexes that offer various entertainment programs for visitors, including barbecue, dances and all kinds of competitions. Such complexes are located both within the city and outside, far from the bustle of the city. Note that for such a format of celebration, in order not to overpay for the "holiday" rates of taxi services, you must definitely rent a car, which you will find here for every taste and budget.

We wish you a great time and enjoy your stay in the capital!

Happy New Year 2022, the team of AutoArenda company congratulates you!!!

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