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Car Rental News of Ukraine

The peculiarities of car Ukraine car rental companies working

The electromobiles are one of the most popular transport in car rental field of Ukraineto make it more clear Nissan Leaf – the car of a budget and business class. Tesla eletrcomobiles, of course, are not far from Japanese electric cars. But Nissan wins because it is a more budget variant.

three cars on the yellow background

Choose a car for a rent

Despite the strive of the people to make ecological situation in the country better, the electromobiles is not that very choice that usually make the clients when they come to Ukraine car rental company. Usually, they make a choice in favor of not expensive cars for a rent – of a budget class.

We can name at least three reasons why it happens so:

  • - Low salary cost: man has always no money, but urgently needs a car;
  • - There is no way to buy a private car;
  • -A car for a client is just a means of transport and nothing more. No power steering, climate control and other things they do not need. They just need the car to take them from point A to point B, C, etc… We cannot even speak about driving to a business meeting on a presentable car, the clients are oriented how rent a car cheaply.
two hands hold a car key on a red car background

Car rental peculirities

The car rental periods depend on the aim why the car was rented, as a rule the car is taken for several days – no more than for a week. It seems that the people do not know the main car rental rule – the more the period of your rent, the less you will pay for one day of rent.

Clients do not usually order additional service but if they take them, the clients are usually interested in the following:

  • - Receiving and returning the car in the airport – the people value their own time and do not want to complicate everything by getting to / from car rental office;
  • - Getting / returning the car in non-working hours or on weekends – not to make their own matters in the working hours.
a woman driver has a flat tire

Different difficulties that face car rental companies

Speaking about the problems that inevitably face car rental companies in Ukraine we can name a lot of diversities: from not paying for the car wash (and it was returned dirty) to leaving the place of road traffic accident. What will you do in this case? Facing the least difficult issues as a dirty car, the car rental company takes a certain sum of money from the deposit that has left the client to pay for the car wash, saloon car cleaners (in the most critical situations). Then the deposit is returned in a not full amount. Only if the car wash is not included into the car rental cost.

sign plate on about filling in road traffic accident papers on the police car background

Road traffic accident: how to be and what to do

If we speaking about a road traffic accident, the car rental companies always try to be on the client`s side: consult the client, what to do in case of a road traffic accident, call the police on the place of an accident, the car insurance company representer, an ambulance if needed… support as much as they can.

When giving a car for a rent car rental employees give the clients the instructions what he must and must not do. But usually if the client is guilty in road traffic accident he often starts to panic and leaves the place of an accident and escapes from the place of an accident. Yes, the client has made a mistake and damaged a car, because of this he will not receive the deposit sum (it plays a role of a franchise in the road traffic accident), but escaping from the place of an accident, he loses much more: the insurance company do not pay for the car damage if at the time of an accident the driver was drunk, under the influence of a drugs, medicines that lower the reaction and of course if he left the place of an accident. In the last case, the rented car is put on a wanted list and the car rental company does what it must according to a law.

black car is being driven on the road

Keep functioning

Despite all the negative things, car rental companies are rather popular in Ukraine, car rental in Ukraine is at a demand as in summer when it is a peak season, so in “not so warm” seasons.

Make sure on your own, re the feedbacks , how AutoArenda car rental company clients take cars for a rent what they like and what does not. Of course, nothing is as ideal as we wish it would be, but most of the clients are glad by their choice and the trip on a rented car.

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