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Traffic Jams in Kyiv – a big problem for drivers

Where and when there are traffic jams on the roads of Kyiv

Every day the roads of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv are full of cars and there are traffic jams. The biggest mass of traffic you can meet in such parts of the city, as:

- South Bridge – because of repair works, exactly the change of expansion groove and road constructions the traffic movement to the left bank is paralyzed;

- Highway junction on Moscow square – because of the roads reconstructions these parts of the roads suffer the most

In the direction of the right bank, there are traffic jams on Darnytskyi Bridge, North Bridge – all the bridges without an exception as well as the city center.

The abovementioned information will be useful only in peak hours on workdays: 8 am – 9 am and 6 pm – 7 pm. You need also to take into account that in the evening the traffic congestion is higher than in the morning.

Kyiv: traffic jams

Pieces of advice for the “beginners” on Kyiv roads

If you are not an original resident of Kyiv, you came to this city and take a car for a rent in Kyiv, , then follow the next recommendations, how to be mobile, move on the city roads on the rented car and get fast to the destination place:

1. Do you have Internet connection? Then use «Яндекс. Пробки» (Yandex. Traffic jams) and you will be able to escape from the traffic jams and get wherever you want with “minimum losses”,

2. Be on to “problem areas” in Kyiv, get to know which roads and at what exact time it is almost impossible to drive.

3. Buy or rent GPS system – it will be useful in every trip of yours.

If such a thing happened and you could not escape from the traffic jam, do not get distracted from the road. The most part of road traffic accidents happen when the cars are in traffic jams.

Also, it is recommended to turn off the engine if you are going to be in a traffic jam for a long time. This will not only save a little bit of your petrol but will also beneficially influence ecological situation in the city (or at least does not make any harm).

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