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Car Classes: All Advantages and Disadvantages

This material is for those who is interested in car classes, want to buy / rent a car but has not decided which one yet and want to know everything about car classes. When you read this article, you will be prepared to choose the car on your own, that will suit best your trip.

Economy class

The cars of economy class are for those who want to get a vehicle for the minimum price. Such cars usually are useful because they need little amount of fuel even for city trips. These cars do not have a powerful engine and are not for taking part in races, because:

  • They will lose
  • They will not survive

Definite advantages of the economy class:

  • Such cars are not big
  • They are easy to park
  • They are more maneuverable on narrow streets
  • Usually, they need little amount of fuel even for city trips
  • Not expensive service

Fresh drivers, this class is especially for you.

The disadvantages of such cars are, one more time, in their size:

Five people can get into the car, but there would be no comfort, and little amount of luggage – only the necessary things, can get into the car.

The car that belong to the economy class: (take as an example our fleet):

  • With manual gearbox: Skoda Fabia, Renault Logan
  • With automatic gearbox: Ravon R2 (an analogue of the car Chevrolet Spark)

Medium class car rental

Medium Class

This is neither one thing nor another. You will pay a little bit more for renting a car of a medium class than for the economy one, and you will get a little bit more powerful car with a great choice of functionality. Those will be interested in such cars who prefer comfort (but it is not the priority) than minimum car rental payment.

The cars of this class are the next:

  • With manual gearbox: Skoda Fabia Wagon, Skoda Rapid, Peugeot 301, Volkswagen Polo Sedan
  • With automatic gearbox: Renault Sandero Stepway (a car with a high clearence!), KIA Rio
  • Electric cars: Nissan Leaf

Comfort class car rental

Comfort Class

This class is for those who appreciate comfort. The size of such a car allows to have a comfort trip with the whole family (4 passengers + a driver – this is maximum), and all of your luggage can get into the trunk. You can rarely see a manual gearbox among the cars of comfort class, if you prefer this very gearbox you will have to look for it for a long time. Comparing to the medium class, the size of such cars is quite bigger and we doubt that it suit fresh drivers: you will have difficulties while parking and taking trips along narrow streets is not a great thing.

The cars of such a class that are available at car rental companies:

  • Hyundai I30
  • Mazda 3
  • VolksWagen Jetta TSI
  • Ford Focus

Business class car for rent

Business class

Just judging by the name, you can suppose that the cars that belong to this class will suit those who need a car for working aims. Of course we do not mean to transport coal, just business trips, meetings. This car will be good for inter-city trips, but it would be the best decision to choose SUV – it is meant for the trips even along the roads of bad condition. We strongly advise you not to check whether the car of such class survive after the trip in such conditions, as the repairmen works of your / rented car will be quite expensive.

Car models that belong to business class that you can find at car rental companies:

  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Volkswagen Passat

SUV for rent


This is a true dream of any driver – just at least for one time in his / her life to get behind the wheel a car of SUV class. A car with a great variety of functionality is for a driver-professional. Because it has a number of disadvantages:

  • Size – such cars are rather big ones, if you are going to Lviv or any other city with narrow streets, driving a car of SUV class will afford you no pleasure.
  • Price – among the abovementioned car classes the price for SUV one is the highest (but rather reasonable)

SUV class is not for fresh drivers, only for those who can drive well

The advantages for this car class are the next:

  • - High clearance can help you to rive even on the roads of a bad quality

The cars that belong to this class are:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Ford Escape

Minivan for rent


Minivans are for a big company up to 7-8 people (6-7 passengers + a driver). As they are big cars, people rent such cars only when they are going to have a trip with a big company.

If you decide to rent a minivan, you can be offered the car Toyota Sienna.

Convertible for rent


Cabriolets are only for two people (a driver and a passenger). But can you deny yourself a pleasure to drive cabriolet one hot summer day? If a bad weather catch you unaware, you can always put on the top of the car – and you will be protected from wind and rain. Cabriolets are maintained with a powerful engine, a small trunk and two comfortable places for a driver and a passenger. Maybe only one disadvantage of such a car class is hidden in its price.

Do you want to rent a cabriolet? Choose a car among the next models:

  • Mercedes SLK350
  • Volkswagen EOS

The prices for car rental according to the classes

In this article we provide you with minimum car rental prices, that we can find while making our research among the car rental companies:

  • Economy class: from $13 per day
  • Medium class: from $14 per day
  • Comfort class: from $17 per day
  • Business class: from $17 per day
  • SUV: from $21 per day
  • Minivan: from $21 per day
  • Cabriolet: from $35 per day

One thing left for you is only to choose a car and you can easily make a trip in Ukraine on the best for you car!

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