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The Ocean where Cars Live

Different types of fish and cars live in the ocean… As it happens, now the cars also are in the Atlantic Ocean.

The crew members are overboard

The Korean ship Golde Ray carried 4 000 cars, took the ground and got on its side. The ground for this 200 meters ship is 11 meters of deep water.

Who suffered?

As it turned out, 24 crew members were on the ship and they are alive at this very moment what is hard to say about 4 000 cars. We cannot say for sure what cars were on the ship, but usually, Golde Ray services are used by such companies as Kia and Hyundai.

The fate of the cars is still unknown.

The same cases

Such a situation has not happened for the first time. You just need to recollect about the accident at sea, when in the spring on the shores of France, the Italian ship burned out. It carried 2 000 Volkswagen cars and 4 Porsche cars. The cars are fully destroyed and it is impossible to fix them.

Fire on the ship
The ship is lying on its side

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