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Summer is approaching, car rental is the best solution for your vacation

Summer is already close, so it's worth planning your vacation in advance. If it is difficult to plan traveling abroad because of pandemic, then it's time to explore the local sights and beauty of Ukraine. If you want to go on a trip through Ukraine, but you do not have a car, this is not a reason to give up on vacation. One of the most popular means of travel is to rent a car, which allows you to move around the country without restrictions. You can even take a car in one city and leave it in another. Maximum convenience and no any discomfort.

Where is the best place to travel?

It all depends on what you want to get from your vacation. Since a properly selected rented car can take you to any point on the map, first you need to decide where exactly do you want to go?

For example, if you rent a car in Kyiv and want to enjoy the sea, you should visit colorful Odessa. A resort town with its own style and history, located on the Black Sea coast, will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you want to surround yourself with natural beauties and enjoy outdoor recreation, then the Carpathians will be an excellent option for traveling. In addition to the multifaceted beauty of nature in the Carpathians, you can also try rafting, mountain climbing, visit natural springs, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

You can go to the Zaporizhzhia region, visit the national reserve "Khortytsya" and learn about the history of the Cossacks. Whatever vacation and route you choose; we always have the right car. Suitable for your purposes.

vacation trip by car rental

We select a car for rest

Of course, the choice of car depends a lot, on where you go. Therefore, it is very convenient to rent a car, because today you can drive an economical compact car, and tomorrow you can take a reliable SUV.

If you decide to go on vacation with a small company and you have a limited budget for transportation costs, then you can look for an "economy" class car. In this segment, there are small cars that are ideal for city trips or short journeys on the highway. The cars are comfortable enough for traveling if there are no more than 4 people traveling.

If you want to go on a long trip across the regions, or your company has 4-5 adults, it would be best to choose an off-road vehicle. SUVs are characterized by large dimensions, reliability and increased stability on bad roads, and even off-road. High ground clearance and four-wheel drive will give the maximum advantage to trips in mountainous regions or in the fields.

For a family vacation and a large company of 6-8 people, you can rent a spacious minivan. Its dimensions and technical characteristics make it possible for even eight people to feel spacious, and its easy handling and large trunk will add pleasant emotions to your vacation.

In addition, for a short stroll in the summertime, you can pamper yourself with a convertible. A good mood and great photos will be provide for you.

As you can see, you can easily find a rental car for any holiday. So don't give up on travel just because you don't have your own car. Come to us, we will select the best car for you for any route!

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