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Features of the professional driver

You rent a car. You choose a reliable modern vehicle. But never forget that the main component at the rented car-driver scheme, is the very DRIVER. No matter what a good car you drive, if the driver is an unexperienced person, the car behaves correspondingly, specifically just couldn`t be worse.

Features of the professional driver

  1. Responsibility bear the responsibility not only for your own life, but for the lives of the passengers, as well as other participants of the road-traffic movement who may suffer from your actions. Don`t you notice just the opposite at marshrootkas (shared taxi), where the drivers drive the vehicles as if the passengers are lifeless things.
  2. The skill to feel the car all the markers and rates of the car are directly related to the driver`s skills to drive it. This mechanism works only due to the person who is behind the feel. Unskillful exploitation of the vehicle may lead not only to the damage, but also to the tragedy.
  3. The knowledge of the road traffic rules it is obvious, but the most important thing is to apply them in different situation on the road.
  4. Drive well no matter what the quality of the road is, even if there is no road pavement at all this is a very common think in the Ukrainian realia.
  5. And of course not to get distracted on such things as notification on the smartphone (like taxi drivers trying not to lose one more order), supplying the level of nicotine in the blood (smoking).
Features of the professional driver

Driver profession

When you rent a car at autoprokat company, you may be offered not just a vehicle, but also driver`s services.

Except for abovementioned features, how must the driver behave? What else must he do in order to be an ideal professional driver?

  1. Get you from point A to point B (and other destinations)
  2. Not to smoke at the car saloon. Under no pretext.
  3. Not to talk on the mobile phone during the trip.
  4. And also be as dumb as a fish and not to try (like taxi drivers) to entertain the client with his (un)amusing stories.
Driver profession

Just for an example, Autoprokat company not by miracle but due to professional skills of its experienced employee, could escape from the road traffic accident with an unexperienced and not sober driver who was behind the wheel of the car that was far from a good quality and modern times. It is all the fault not of the car but the abovementioned person and his unreasoning behavior.

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