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Car Rental in Bila Tserkva

If you think about renting a car in Bila Tserkva or any other city of Kyiv region, you come to the right place. Autoprokat company will glad to offer you car rental services in Bila Tserkva city.

Car delivery

We deliver cars to Bila Tserkva from Kyiv. You will have to pay $50 for the car delivery.

Any car is from Kyiv fleet is available for rental, you can get acquainted with it if you follow the link https://autoprokat.net.ua/en/kiev.html

Car delivery to Bila Tserkva

Rental terms

We offers cars for a rent in Bila Tserkva as for short period – from seven days, so for a long-term one – the quantity of days / weeks / months is unlimited!

It is important to remember “the golden rule of car rental” – the longer your period of rental is, the cheaper is one day of rent. And vice versa, if you rent a car for a short period of time, the sum for one day of rent will be much more.

Let`s look at an example: you rent a car Renault Logan for 7 days: you will pay $119 for the whole period ($17/day).

If you rent this very car for 30 days, you will have to pay $240 for the rental period ($8/day).

That is why, a long-term rent is much more beneficial at prime cost.


Handover of car keys
e prices are shown as of 29.01.2020

An accident: when the insurance company does not pay

When we buy a car insurance, many of us consider that they can now do with the car whatever they want and the insurance company will pay for all the damages. To tell you the truth, there is a number of rules, when the insurance company pays nothing. And the lessee will have to pay not just deductible, but the whole cost of the damages. The below mentioned list is for the drivers to know what they must not do when the insurance case occurs and do not do these mistakes:

  1. Leave a place of an accident. Even driving for a couple of meters is strictly prohibited.
  2. Driving a car without a corresponding category, if you drive a car from our fleet, you need category B.
  3. Taking part in races, offering taxi services.
  4. Driving a car under alcohol / drug intoxication.
  5. Driving on a red light.
  6. Not telling the insurance company about the road traffic accident in time. When you get into an accident, you must call the police and insurance company, as well as telling Autoprokat what has happened. We can call the police and insurance company instead of you and also an ambulance if you need it.
Alcohol consumption behind the wheel


When you rent a car, you choose one of the tariff plans: economy, standard, or all inclusive.

Economy tariff supposes the minimal price of the car rental. However, the deposit sum will be one of the biggest among two other tariff plans.

Standard tariff – there is an average sum for the car rental, as well as the sum of the deposit – it is not big, but it exists.

All-inclusive tariff: according to the name of the tariff plan, everything is included into this tariff plan: unlimited mileage, the fully comprehensive insurance – without a deposit for the car and with zero deductible, taking and returning the car in non-working hours, car washing when you return the car is at company`s expense.

You can book a car on our website 24/7, at any time convenient for you. Order a car and we will deliver it to Bila Tserkva or any other city of Kyiv region.

Call us: +38096778989

Write us: order@autoprokat.net.ua

We are always here for you!

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