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Interesting Peculiarities about Car Rental in Nikopol

Autoprokat car rental company offers to take a car for a rent in Nikopol and other cities in Dnipropetrovsk region. You can read about car rental peculiarities in more detail in this article.

A little bit about the city

There is a number of landmarks in Nikopol that are worth spending your time on them. Get acquainted with the following landmarks:

  1. Youth Park – there are no amusement rides and other entertainment “devices”. This is an ordinary park to have a rest and a walk there. There are rivers, a fountain and a rich flora – just what you need to enjoy the nature.
  2. Ostap Bender monument – despite that Ostap Bender is a generalized character, it still has a prototype – Osyp Shor local citizen of Nikopol, you can see his monument in this city.
  3. Drugstore-museum created by Victor Kompaniyets. Here you can find even pharmacy goods that belong to Scythian period!
  4. The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior- his history is very difficult to tell: it was built in 1898 and was closed in 1937. Some time later it was opened but as a planetarium and only in 1993 the cathedral was returned to the Orthodox church. Nowadays you can see the restored cathedral.
  5. Healing spring – it is located 30 kilometers from Nikopol in Borysivka village. It is considered that this water helps to cure the diseases of the digestive tract, as well as the eye diseases. However, there is no accurate information that the water can really cure. The spring was blessed by the Orthodox church in 2014. There was also built a chapel nearby.
park in Nikopol

What if you have no time to receive / return the car

If you consider that it is not worth spending your time to get to the office to receive / return the car, we can give or get it back at any city point – it can be an airport, a port, a railway station or any other address.

Moreover, you can receive or return the car at any time convenient for you – 24/7.


Do not want to leave a deposit? You can get a car without a deposit!

Autoprokat company can offer you car rental services without a deposit, You can receive a car not leaving a deposit.

The deposit is the deductible (your responsibility) for the car. If the insurance event occurs, your damage will be no more than the sum of the deposit. If you rent a car without a deposit, you will lose nothing, the whole damage will be covered by the insurance company (except for the cases that are not covered by the insurance company, you read them by following the link) https://autoprokat.net.ua/en/usl.html

Rent a car in Nikopol without deposit

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