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Car Rental in Lviv without a Driver

«Rental car in Lviv without a driver» — is a common request on the Internet. In addition to the residents of this city, tourists and visitors (there are a lot of them in Lviv) actively use the car rental service. The car is the best transport for moving around the city and beyond.

What are the advantages of a car rental over public transport and taxis

  • Mobility. By private car, you can get to any desired point in the city or even leave it. At the same time, there is no need to waste time waiting for public transport or dialing up to the taxi operator. You can use your own car at any time of the day and get anywhere.
  • Comfort that you choose yourself. City transport is not very convenient: there is a large flow of people; it is cold in winter, hot in summer, etc. You can move in the car with all the comforts: turn on the heater/air conditioner, take the necessary things on the road, etc. In addition, you pick up a car tailored to your own needs (economy or business class).
  • Saved time. The service "Car rental in Lviv" will allow you to get quickly to any place, without long waiting for a taxi or public transport.
  • Price. Comparing the services of rent a car and a taxi, the first option will be cheaper and more profitable, especially if you rent a car in Lviv for at least 1 month, then the cheapest rate will be from 7 USD per day.
Аренда авто во Львове недорого

Features of the contract of car hire in Lviv

In order to prevent misunderstandings between the customer and the company, as well as on the road, we have developed rules:

  • Registration of the contract.
  • We put drop off act
  • Payment, etc.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself following link

Who can arrange a car rental in Lviv?

Аренда авто во Львове

Any individual who has reached the age of 23 and has 2 years of experience in driving a car can rent a car in Lviv. There are no other requirements. You can draw up a lease agreement at the office of the "Auto Arenda" company or at the place of ordering a car. We provide transfer services including airports, train and bus stations.

The procedure for hire a car (Lviv): time and duration of rental, document requirements

For registration of all documents for rent, you need a passport and a driver’s license.

You can place an order during business hours from 8:00 to 19:00 in any convenient way:

Phone, Viber, WhatsApp, online chat or email.

You can take the car at any time agreed with the manager of the company (you also agree on the return). You can rent a car for any period — from 1 day.

Payment for car rental in Lviv: prepayment, deposit, deductible ammount

Depending on the selected tariff package (economy, standard, all-inclusive), payment terms vary:

  • For "Economy" and "Standard" tariffs, a deposit is additionally added, which is payed, upon delivery of the car, and returned to the client after the drop off the car. In the event of an accident (if the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit), the deposit is used to pay off the cost of repairing/restoring the vehicle.
  • If you have signed up for the “All inclusive” tariff plan, then in case of damage to the vehicle, the insurance company will cover the losses by 100%.

The deposit/deductible can only be paid in UAH. At the same time, you should check with the manager the details for entering it if you want to make a deposit in a non-cash form (since the deposit amount is not income and is returned to the client after the car is returned).

Прокат авто во Львове без водителя

The service "Car rental in Lviv" is provided on a full prepayment basis for the entire period. When renting a car from 1 to 3 months or more, the client is provided with the minimum price per day of car rental, and the payment terms are specified with the manager of the Auto Arenda company.

Can I rent a car in Lviv without a deposit?

If you conclude an agreement on the terms of the All Inclusive tariff package, you do not need to leave a deposit. In this case, the rental price will be more expensive, but the general conditions are better:

  • You pay only the cost of car rental.
  • If the car is damaged, the insurance company will cover 100% of the costs.
  • There are no restrictions on the maximum mileage.
  • Service (transfer and delivery of the car) takes place at a convenient place for you at any time (by prior arrangement).

How to order a rental service on the Auto Arenda website (Lviv)?

You can order a cheap car rental in Lviv on the Auto Arenda website.

The advantages of our service:

  • A wide range of cars available for rent - go to the car fleet
  • Favorable terms of cooperation that you can choose yourself.
  • Work with individuals and legal entities.
  • Acceptance of payments in any form convenient for the client.
  • Possibility to book a car.
  • Additional services: driver, car seat for children, navigator.

Call us if you have any questions — we will be happy to help with ordering!

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