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Rent a minibus and cargo van in Ukraine

Renting a minibus or a cargo van is a very popular service in Ukraine. Both companies and individuals can rent a vehicle for various purposes. Why do people usually choose this type of vehicle, what characteristics do they pay attention to when renting, which models in this class are top of the line and much more will be discussed in this article.

First of all, let's take a look at the minibus rental category. Sometimes cargobus in Ukrainian market is called, “the gazelle” according to the name of a small cargo vehicle that was popular in last times.. In the rental market, there is a demand for minibuses of various capacities, ranging from 7 to 12 seats in the cabin. The main models of minibuses offered for rent include such brands as Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and others. These minibuses are usually equipped with diesel or gasoline engines and have good characteristics that allow them to be used in almost all areas of activity.

What are minibuses and vans rented for?

Minibuses and cargo vans are rented for different purposes:

Travel and tours: Minibuses can be rented to organize trips and tours with a group of people. They provide a convenient and comfortable means of transportation for large groups of tourists.

Transportation of goods: Cargo vans are rented for transportation of goods. They can be used to transport firewood, goods, tools, equipment and other items. Companies, small businesses and individuals rent such vehicles.

Moving: One of the main reasons for renting this type of vehicle is to move your home. They allow you to transport furniture, belongings, and other items that do not fit in passenger cars from one location to another.

Business travel: Companies can rent vans and cargo trucks for business trips and events. This allows you to transport employees, equipment, or goods related to business events.

Transporting a group of people: Minibuses are often rented to transport large groups of people, such as weddings, corporate events, conferences, and other events; the rental price will be several times less than ordering several cars.

Simply put, renting minibuses and cargo vans offers a convenient and economical alternative to owning these vehicles, and also solves a variety of needs for transporting people and bulky goods.

Criteria for choosing a minibus

One of the most important factors determining the demand for minibus rental is capacity. Depending on the client's needs, you can find minibuses with different capacity options - from 7 to 18 people.

Another important factor is the type of engine. Minibuses are usually equipped with diesel or gasoline engines. The choice of engine type may depend on the purpose of the vehicle and the customer's preferences. Diesel engines, which are usually more economical and durable, can be an ideal choice for long trips with a lot of passengers or luggage.

Technical condition. Minibuses are usually used for work or responsible transportation, so it is very important that the car does not break down at the right time, for example, when you are transporting wedding equipment or going to decorate an event for the evening. Therefore, the technical condition and the absence of visual damage can be a key point in choosing a vehicle of this class.

In addition, for the convenience of customers, different transmission options are offered: automatic or manual. An automatic transmission is usually more convenient to use, especially in urban traffic, and is therefore more in demand, while a manual transmission can be the main choice for experienced drivers who prefer more active driving.

When a customer chooses to rent a minibus, the rental price is also a factor that is taken into consideration first and foremost. Rental rates can vary depending on the length of the rental and the services required. It is also possible to purchase additional features that are required when renting this means of transportation, such as driver services or the ability to rent a car for a certain period of time.

In addition to the price, customers also want to make payments for a minibus rental in the most convenient way for them. For example, everyone chooses a convenient payment method: online booking, payment by credit card or cash, which simplifies the rental process and provides an additional level of convenience.

Peugeot minibus rental

Which minibus to choose?

Taking into account all the characteristics necessary for your rental, you will be offered all the models that meet your parameters. Here you can choose according to your personal feelings, rating or visual preferences and we will tell you about the TOP 3 minibuses that customers choose.

One of the most popular minibus models in Ukraine is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This vehicle is characterized by a high level of comfort and large capacity. The demand for Sprinter rental in Kyiv is especially high, as many customers prefer to rent this model for transporting large groups of people, for example, during organized tours or business trips. When choosing a Sprinter minibus, customers are usually satisfied with its characteristics: power, the ability to choose a diesel or gasoline engine, and the type of transmission (automatic or manual).

Another popular minibus model is the Mercedes-Benz Vito. The Vito also has a large capacity and comfort, and is widely used for transportation of groups of people, especially in the city of Kyiv. Similarly to the Sprinter, customers pay attention to various characteristics when choosing a Vito customers pay attention to various characteristics, such as engine, transmission type and rental price; the equipment can vary.

Another popular model in Ukraine is Volkswagen Transporter. This car has good capacity and reliability, which makes it very attractive. Most often, the differences between Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen vans are in some technical characteristics and dimensions, so customers often choose the model that fully meets their needs.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans play an important role in modern business, especially in the field of merchandising and logistics.

The characteristics of vans also vary. Some of them have an all-metal van, which is suitable for transporting various goods, including wood, building materials and other cargo. Other vans are isothermal, which allows them to maintain a certain temperature inside, and are suitable for transporting food or medicine.

Types of vans and their purpose

There are several types of cargo vans, each with its own peculiarities of use in different industries:

Covered vans: These vans have a rigid and closed metal structure that protects the cargo from weather conditions and external influences, and can have a volume of approximately 10 to 60 m³. They are often used to transport alcoholic beverages, food, clothing, electronics and other goods that need protection from moisture, dust and sunlight.

Volkswagen minibus rental

An isothermal van or thermobox is a closed and sealed van mounted on a truck chassis. It can be used in such car brands as Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, GAZ, MAN and others. Such vans have additional thermal insulation and are used to transport food or medicines that require temperature control. They are equipped with refrigeration systems that can maintain a certain temperature inside the van for a long time, often with a volume of about 40 to 110 m³.

A tilt-up van is characterized by the presence of a tilt-up roof, which allows quick loading and unloading of cargo, and usually has a volume of approximately 50 to 120 cubic meters. This type of van can be considered the simplest and most affordable closed body truck that can be used for various purposes.

An all-metal van has a cab with a cargo space in the form of a single body, its volume can vary from about 30 to 100 cubic meters. Such a van can be without thermal insulation, with insulation material and with refrigerators. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

A furniture or cargo van has cargo compartments without thermal insulation, they protect only against bad weather and precipitation, can be used in construction, industrial and other industries where temperature control is not required, and can have a volume from about 25 to 80 m³.

Comparative features of popular van models

Below is a table of comparative features for Volkswagen Multivan, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Renault Master:

Model Volkswagen Multivan Ford Transit Mercedes Sprinter Renault Master
Width 1904 mm 1974 mm 1993 mm 2075 mm
Height 1970 mm 2350 mm 1867 mm 2499 mm
Footage 4905 mm 4863 mm 5932 mm 5548 mm
Volume (m3) 5,8 9,5 10,5 13
Tonnage 1t 1t - 2,5t 3t - 5t 2,8t - 4,5t

Please note that this data is based on general model specifications and may vary depending on the specific version and configuration of the vehicle.

As you can see, the market of minibus and cargo van rentals in Ukraine is very diverse. Customers can choose from various models with different features, capacities and engine types. Such a wide range of models allows you to choose exactly the type of vehicle that will help you achieve your transportation goals. Renting this type of transportation solves many problems: from simple moving to transportation of equipment and large groups of people.

Contact “AutoArenda” if you are looking for a reliable minibus or van in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

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