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Rules of Car Rental in Kamianske

In order to rent a car in Kamianske, you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose the right car
  2. Pay for car rental
  3. Correspond to the simple demands

You will read about the above-mentioned things and much more in this article.

How to choose the right car

The choice of car rental depends on the aim of your trip:

  • Economy class – the car with a minimum, basic functionality for those who is going to spend the minimum sum of money on a car for a rent;
  • Medium class – this means that you will have an average level of comfort and the same average price on such a car;
  • Comfort class – supposes the most comfortable conditions of the trip for you and your nearest and dearest;
  • Business class – the cars specifically for business trips;
  • SUV – high clearance of a car supposes that you will be able to drive overland.

Autoptokat company has the cars with automatic and manual transmission, petrol and diesel driven cars. All the cars in the fleet are equipped with an air-conditioner.


Autoprokat car rental company has three tariff plans for you to offer:

  • Economy tariff – a tariff plan with the lowest cost of a car rental day and the highest sum of deposit. 50 km/day are included into the cost*. You will have to pay for every additional kilometer $2/km.
  • Standard tariff – the tariff that chooses the majority of the clients. An average sum of car rental cost and deposit. Tariff is very popular, as it has 200 km/day of run that are included into the car rental cost. You will have to pay for the overrun $1/km.
  • All inclusive – everything is included into car rental cost: unlimited run, receiving / returning the car at any city point, at any time you like. The cost of car rental day is expensive. However, you do not have to leave a deposit for the car.

*The run is counted totally for the whole car rental period

Minimum package of documents

The client has to provide the company with the minimum package of documents:

  • Passport
  • Driving license with category B

*Autoprokat company does not take the documents as a deposit

Demands to the driver

You will have to correspond with the following demands to rent a car:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a driving experience of 2 years or more

When can I receive the car

You will receive a car in a place in place agreed beforehand with Autoprokat manager, it could be:

Or any other address that will suit you.

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