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Vibration in the Wheel – a Sign that Something Functions Wrong in your car

Any car, even the newest one can make an unpleasant surprise to its owner with the wheel vibration or unexpectedly turn left or right with a little amplitude. Such a car “behavior” can mean only one thing – something in your car is wrong. What defects that may mean and hot to find them out and solve these issues we will consider further in this article.

The front wheel tire is deflated

In such a case, you will feel the wide vibration in the wheel even if you drive slowly. The deflated tire may mean that any driver can see it, even not an automobile mechanic. The flat tire can be changed with a spare one (if you of course have such). Even if you do not have one, you will have to go to the nearest tire service.

Car balance is not the same

You can feel that the car balance is not the same as a little trembling with a speed of 60 km/hour and even more. As a rule, the dirt or the ice on the disk is the reason (it depends on the season) – more often from the inside that is hard to examine.

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The fixation on the wheel has weakened

The wheel vibration may be accompanied by a rhythmic sound that is synchronized with the wheel rotating. If you do not find out about such an issue in time, the wheel can just screw off. If you drive fast it may easily provoke a road traffic accident. Everything you need is just to retighten the bolts or screws. You do not have to consult the automobile mechanic.

A curved wheel disc

The problem may be noticed when you drive no less than 50 km/hour. You need to change the spare wheel, if you do not have one – drive to the tire service but very slowly, escaping from the wheel vibration.

If you noticed a wheel vibration but you cannot find out the reason, then drive to the tire service, slowly not to make the problem even worse and try to listen how the vibrations sound.

Изменения полиса страхования
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