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Electric car: pros and cons

The popularity of electric cars is growing in geometric progression. This trend is also in Ukraine. Do not taking into account that they are not cheap, the new owners and those who are going to buy electric cars are talking about their advantages, forgetting about that they have also disadvantages.

For: Cheap

Electric cars do not consume the fuel, therefore they do not need to be fueled. You will save a lot of money on charging them

Against: Not so ecologically clear

Electric cars do not produce carbon emissions into the environment. But this does not mean that it is fully ecologically clear. The half of the year of its use, the electric car produces harmful substances after the car has been made. It is less harmful to ecology than a car that consumes fuel but this does not mean that it is fully ecologically clear.

Дешевизна топлива электромобиля
Вред для экологии от электромобиля

For: Almost noiseless

Forget about an engine roar, that you got used to hear. Almost noiseless transmission – is one of the main advantages of electric car. But, do not forget that the pedestrians while crossing a road listen to the roar of a car nearby, without looking at the traffic lights as it must be. This is not a disadvantage of electric car, but not following the rules of road traffic movement by the pedestrians. Just be more alert and follow the rules.

Against: Will there be enough of charge?

As a rule, the charge of an electric car will be enough only for the trip in the city. If you are going to visit your relatives in another city, you need to think where you are going to recharge the electric car. Unfortunately, special charging stations are not common if we speak about Ukraine.

Бесшумность электрокара
Какой заряд нужен эклектрокару

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