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What to do if the car door is frozen?

With the arrival of winter, many cities and small towns of Ukraine are overgrown with snow. People in the cold time are warmed up with hot drinks and blankets. This weather pleases many, because winter is, first of all, New Year's holidays and a lot of entertainment that is not available at other times of the year. But this weather is not always a joy for everyone.

The first to face various winter and frosty problems are the drivers.

If you have your own car and a decent driving experience, then, thanks to your experience, you can be ready for most of the different situations.

But many people who do not have their own car often use the popular rental service – this service is popular in large cities of the country, and especially in the capital – Kyiv, where it can be expensive for guests to regularly use a taxi, and they turn to cheaper car rental.

Imagine that you have rented a car, and when you go out to it on a winter morning, you find that the door will not open. This happens very often on frosty days and nights. This article is for those who, without much experience in using personal transport, are faced with the problem of freezing of doors in a rented car.

The car door does not open – your actions

First of all, you need to check if the doors are really unlocked. Use the door opener button on the key fob, or try manually opening with the key.

Then pull the handle. If the door does not open, try to open the rest doors, the result is the same – it is more likely that it is frozen.

frozen car door

Your main task is to get into the car.

What should not be done?

If you have rented a car, you are responsible for its safety within the framework of your deposit.

Therefore, you should not try to open doors by force. You can easily break the handle, and if the door is really frozen, it will not work to open it by force.

What should be done to open a frozen car door?

There is a method that is popular with experienced drivers.

frozen car door what to do

You need to go to the door. Place one hand on top and start pressing lightly. At the same time, grab the handle with your other hand and pull it towards you with gentle, unsharp movements. When there is a gap between the door and the car body, try to stick your fingers in, and already pull directly with your hand on the door, and not by the handle. Thus, you can loosen the gum (seal) that has frozen to the car body, the ice will move away, and the door will open.

The second option is to lightly press on the door, or tap it around the perimeter, also loosening the rubber seal.

how to open a frozen car door

After you get into the car, it remains to start the engine and warm up the car for a while. The ice will melt – you can go.

Inexperienced drivers in winter need to be especially careful while driving, because the safety of yourself, pedestrians and other road users depends on you.

Be careful on the roads. Do not be distracted by mobile phone calls while driving. Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Auto Arenda team wishes you successful trips!

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