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Protect a car from the theft

You can use all old methods of preventing car theft and lose your car because the thieves become more and more modern and because they use the special new equipment.

In this article, we will provide you with useful information how to protect your car from the theft.

Garage / parking

The best way to protect your car is to rent a garage. But with every new day there becomes more cars, their owners and less free garages.

If you are not lucky and cannot get a free garage for a rent, there is one more way: leave the car on the special parking. You need only to choose the one, which territory is walled-off and got a video-monitoring. And the lifting-gate will be a great addition to your car safety.


Leaving the car on the unguarded parking, near the house – as a rule leads to the car theft. In order to make the thieves a little bit scared, you just need to put a physical blocking on the wheel and pedals. It is easily noticed if you look at the car saloon though the window. The thieves will not waste their time on unblocking the construction and will go away to find something simpler to steal.


The most modern way of protecting your car. This device is like a small indicator that sends all the information about the car on your sim-card. And the car owner sees all the car location data in the special mobile application. It is very small, takes little place and we doubt that the thieves will notice it.

steering wheel lock
GPS tracker

These simple rules will help you to save your car and leave no chance to the car thieves to run away with your car.

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