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Car rental is in high demand today in Kharkiv. Previously, this service was in demand much less frequently. Today car rental has become popular and affordable for most residents. The modern pace of life requires mobility, quick decision-making and comfortable conditions.


A car is a necessary tool that allows you to quickly get to the right places, do work, and go to shops, travel. That is why car rental today is a comfort available to many.


Features and conditions of car rental in Kharkiv

A car for rent in Kharkiv may be required in different cases:


Командировка прокат авто Харьков

●     Arrival on a business trip. To save time and improve comfort, people who come to an unfamiliar city to carry out work tasks rent a car. This allows you to quickly move around the city, go to shops, to business meetings, etc. In this case, the car is a necessary tool that helps to effectively cope with the tasks.

Поломка своего авто аренда Харьков

●     In case of breakdowns and long-term repairs of your own car. It is difficult without a personal car, but you can use public transport and taxi services. However, this is only if the breakdown is minor and the car will be returned from the workshop a few days later. However, if it is idle for more than a week, you cannot do without renting a vehicle.

Поездка за город, аренда авто Харьков

●     For trips out of town, for business meetings or festive events. In this case, we are talking about a short-term rent. A large selection in the fleet allows you to choose a car for every taste and with different terms of the contract.

Can I order a car rental without a driver (Kharkiv)?

Yes. The service «Car rental in Kharkiv with a driver» — is paid extra (you can get it free if you order the «All inclusive»tariff package). If you do not need a driver, we will provide a car without him (at the request of the client).

What is the maximum period I can you rent a car in Kharkiv?

A car can be rented for any period — from one day to 1, 2, 6 months (and more). There are no restrictions on this criterion. In addition, when issuing a long-term rental, the car hire price will be lower. Payment is made in full for the entire period for which the car is ordered. Thus, if you paid in 7 days, the price will remain the same.

What documents do you need to provide for car rental in Kharkіv?

First, the driver must be 23 years old. Requirements for driving experience — 2 years or more. To get a car, you need to provide a passport, driver's license, identification code and the required amount. 

How much does it cost to rent a car in Kharkіv?

It all depends on which car model the client has chosen: renting a budget class car is cheaper and a business class car, respectively, more expensive. The rental price is influenced by the selected contract conditions described below (economy, standard, all-inclusive).

It is worth paying attention to the timing: when renting a car for 8 days or more, the price per day will be lower. All prices for car rental in Kharkiv

Do I need to pay a deposit?

The service "Car rental in Kharkiv without deposit" is available if you conclude an agreement on the terms of the "All inclusive" tariff package. In all other cases, a deposit is required, as it is a guarantee of compensation for possible damage.


You can read more about the conditions for renting a car HERE


Kharkiv: car rental on the site "Auto Arenda"

You can choose any car for rent. The car park accommodates a large number of cars of different classes (economy, business). It all depends on the purpose of the rental and the client's capabilities. For demanding customers there are cars with all the amenities. In addition, there are various options for the terms of the lease agreement: the following tariff packages are presented on the Auto Arenda website:


●     «All inclusive» — the most profitable and popular. Under the terms of this agreement, we provide unlimited mileage, you do not pay to wash the car when you return it, you can additionally use a driver, a car seat for a child and a GPS navigator (also completely free of charge). The most important plus is the absence of a deposit. What does it mean? The deposit/deductible serves as a guarantee for damage to the vehicle. That is, if an accident occurs, then the amount of the deposit will go to pay off the amount of damage (in proportion). By concluding an agreement under the terms of the All Inclusive package, the amount of damage (if any) is reimbursed by the insurance company.

●     «Economy» and «Standard» are characterized by more favorable rental prices. Of the minuses: there are restrictions on the maximum mileage, additional services are paid separately, and a deposit is required.



You can order a car rental in Kharkiv by phone, through the reverse form of the site, as well as using Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp.

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