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Mazda 3 for rent in Ukraine
Mazda 3
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Days USD / day
1-7 35
8-14 32
15-29 28
30+ 17
Deposit 750
Days USD / day
1-7 50
8-14 45
15-29 40
30+ 24
Deposit 500
All inclusive
Days USD / day
5-7 100
8-14 90
15-29 80
30+ 48
Deposit 0

Additional information

A new modern car for a rent Mazda 3 is available for a rent at Auto Arenda company. The car looks rather expressive and sporting. A huge list of options and functions and equipment, an active security – all of these has one car for a rent Mazda 3. There is everything you need in a car, climate, pressure control devices in tires, a start / stop button, 6 airbags, seat heaters, a camera of a rear view camera, etc. Japanese car Mazda 3 with standard equipment offers that, which no one competitor can offer. The dynamic of a car is rather good, from the very first second the car builds up its speed. The maximum speed of a car is 187 kilometers / hour. Taking into account the fuel consumption – 7 liters in the city and a little bit more than 4 liters per one hundred kilometers in the country, you can easily say that the car is fuel-saving. The fuel tank volume is 51 liters, that is enough for almost 1000 kilometers in the mixed mode. So, the car is very dynamic, comfortable and expressive. Hurry up and order a car for a rent Mazda 3 just today at the lowest prices in Ukraine. Also our company offers transfer services , car rental with or without a driver.

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Сергей Мельников
Безопасность машины не знает границ, зимой можно смело кататься на ней, система подправит все ошибки и подскажет что да как. На льду легко тормозит, не заносит. Но все-таки опытный водитель зимой тоже не помешает.
Нормальный автомобиль. Жена и дети остались им довольны. По крайней мере никто не выказывал никакого неудовольствия и раздражения от поездки. Все хорошо, спасибо!
Арендовал машину зимой, поэтому очень порадовала функция подогрева сидений. Не только японские ниссаны отличаются своим комфортом и качеством, а сделали еще и Мазду 3.
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