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Rent a convertible from the AutoArenda company

Available cars Cabriolet class

Volkswagen EOS for rent in Ukraine
Volkswagen EOS


from 35 usd

If you expect to be the center of attention on a trip, catch the enthusiastic glances of passers-by, want to feel like a celebrity and take some beautiful photos, then a convertible car is definitely for you. We are ready to offer you a stylish Volkswagen EOS coupe-convertible. This model has a pleasant and harmonious design. The car is quite nimble, has a 2.0 liter engine and an automatic transmission.

Make a pleasant surprise for your significant other by taking a small trip in a convertible. Or take your friends and ride with the breeze for your pleasure. Do you want to arrange a photo session? Great, the car will be the highlight on the cake of your photos. Also, a convertible will be a beautiful addition to a wedding or corporate events.

You don't have to buy a personal convertible to ride it. Moreover, most of the time it will have to stand in the garage. After all, rides in a convertible are good in summer or spring, in warm, not rainy weather, the rest of the time it is better to choose a car with a roof and a stove.

Therefore, it is better to rent a convertible with us when it is convenient for you, and get an unforgettable charge of impressions to everything. After all, this car is just for fun and pleasant emotions.

Convertible features you need to know

  1. The roof in EOS is rigid - there will be no discomfort even in winter
  2. The roof is assembled and disassembled automatically by pressing a button
  3. Leather interior
  4. There are only two doors
  5. The trunk is small, and if the roof is unfolded, then there will only be space for a backpack and a bag with a laptop.

How to fold out the roof in a convertible

  1. Stop the car - the roof cannot be folded or folded out while driving.
  2. Move the transmission selector to the "P" position and apply the handbrake.
  3. Press the open/close roof button.
  4. Do not press the windows open and close buttons while the roof is in progress.
  5. Wait for the signal on the panel that the roof is unfolded / folded, continue driving.

Number of seats in a convertible

VW EOS refers to coupe-type cars, therefore, the maximum seating in a car is 4 people. The rear seat is divided by a plastic partition, so only 2 people can get into the rear seat.

Reviews about class cars -"Cabriolet"

 5.0(3 ratings)

Хотим поблагодарить за машину. Отлично провели время. Спасибо.
Суперский кабрик. Очень понравилось на нем ездить. Хотелось бы чтоб в вашем прокате авто появились и другие кабриолеты.
Супер машинка, на выходные и под хорошую погоду!!! Спасибо автоаренда, отлично провели конец недели.
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