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Minivans for rent are the best choice for a big trip

Available cars Minivan class

Toyota Sienna for rent in Ukraine
Toyota Sienna


from 21 usd

Whether you decide to go on a city trip with friends or get the whole family together to go to the nature view, you just need a roomy and comfortable car.

For such group trips, the Toyota Sienna is ideal, which can accommodate up to 8 people, which will save you money. You rent only one instead of two cars. In addition to a sufficient number of seats, the car also has other equally important advantages. For example, a spacious trunk, which is extremely important when traveling with small children, because together with things you need to fit a stroller, or even several. Another plus of the minivan is the spaciousness of the cabin. Due to the fact that the Toyota Sienna is taller and wider than conventional cars, even when all passengers are fully seated, the cabin is spacious enough and there is a lot of free legroom. In addition, if you are planning out-of-town trips, we will provide you with an all-wheel drive car model with excellent cross-country ability.

When to order Minivan

  1. Family trip
  2. Go on vacation with friends
  3. Meet the delegation
  4. Go to the celebration
  5. Take a group of schoolchildren on an excursion

Why to order minivan from us

Together with spaciousness and comfort, you can get additional advantages from our cars:

  1. We offer not only simple, but also four-wheel drive minivans. Now you can go to the Carpathians in the snowiest winter.
  2. Cars with salons 1 + 6 and 1 + 7.
  3. All minivans are exclusively passenger vans, we do not have converted cars from luggage vans, which makes our vans comfortable.
  4. Each minivan has a working climate control with different zones for passengers in each row, climate control for rear passengers.
  5. All windows in our minivans open, as we have original passenger cars, therefore the windows for passengers of the second and third rows open.
  6. All vehicles with automatic transmission, for maximum driver’s comfort.

Fuel consumption

If you use our comfortable Toyota Sienna, fuel consumption on the highway will be 10-12 liters, and 15 liters in urban conditions. Cars are equipped with 3.5 liter petrol engines.

Questions about minivan

  1. How many people, besides the driver, can fit in a minivan, how are the seats arranged?

    We have different car salons, except for the driver, there can be 6 or 7 passengers. The arrangement of the seats is as follows.

    • Option 1 - 2:2-3
    • Option 2 - 2:3:3

  2. Is there room for luggage if we fill up the seats in the minivan?

    Toyota Sienna cars have a trunk that will hold 6-7 small suitcases or 3-4 large suitcases.

  3. Does the Toyota Sienna increase the trunk size?

    Yes, you can fold down the third row of seats; it hides flush with the floor. If the trunk is already small, you can remove the second row of seats.

  4. Can I go to the ski resort with a company?

    No problem, on most cars we have roof rails and jumpers for securing luggage or skis.

  5. Do you have tinted windows?

    We have factory tinting on passenger windows and factory shades. Fully business class.

  6. I didn't find the spare tire in the car, where is it?

    If you are using single-wheel drive vehicles, the spare wheel is in the trunk. If you got a car with all-wheel drive, then in such a car there is no spare wheel, and the car is equipped with a repair kit (a cylinder with a mixture and a compressor) in case of a wheel damage.

  7. What is the fuel tank capacity of your vehicles?

    About 100 liters.

Reviews about class cars -"Minivan"

 4.0(3 ratings)

Андрей Лужин
Доставили сиенну в Кривой Рог из Днепра. Нам нужно было встретить партнеров , и возить их. После проката приехал другой водитель и забрал. Сервис на высоте. Были приятно удивлены, так как до этого пользовались услугами другого проката авто, остались недовольны - как машинкой, так и отношением менеджера. Сначала вежливый, потом по потребности невозможно было дозвониться. В этом прокате сотрудники постоянно на связи, и в телефонном режиме решили проблему с навигатором.!
Добрый день. Можно ли у Вас взять в аренду авто Toyota Sienna подача 29.11.2020 г.Днепр на 10-00 возврат 29.11.2020 г.Киев на 18-00 Мой телефон 067-562-00-42
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