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Express order

Place an order through a short form and we will contact you as soon as possible, offer you various options, or contact us via messenger or phone. In any case, cars are always in stock and we will find you a car in the required class.

We have CASCO and MTPL insurance, depending on the tariff you can choose the options of financial participation in case of damage to the car.

No, it depends on the set tariff, in some tariffs this service is free of charge.

We will provide the car of the same class, with the same gearbox and selected options.

We initially have 3 types of tariffs, each has a discount and a set of services, choose for yourself what suits you best.

We do not provide this option in the basic services, but you can order such a service by contacting the booking manager before ordering a car.

You will have to pay for the next day, and if the car has already been ordered you have to pay a fine. Also returning the car with violation is allowed only if you have informed about it in advance, otherwise the car will be placed in the police database with the status of "theft,".

The minimum period of car rental is 1 day

Of course, even longer.

Unfortunately, we do not have inclusive cars, but they will appear in the future.

Regardless of the fault, you should not leave the place of accident and register the accident with the police, informing the AutoArenta operator and the police.

No problem, just come to the impound lot, pay the fine and pick up the car.

You will be charged for refueling the car and a fine in the amount of our service fee for refilling the tank, usually not more than 20 USD.

Some rates include a car wash in the rental price, if you did not have one, you will have to pay for the car wash at the company's rates.

The deposit is refunded immediately upon returning the car. If the deposit was left by wire transfer or credit card, the refund period depends on your bank.

Yes, you can ask our reservation service operators.

Yes, we have a few hybrid models, mostly Toyota models

Stay calm, turn on the emergency stop sign, after:

  • Put the selector lever in P
  • Check the fuel gauge to see if there is fuel in the tank.
  • See if the vehicle panel activates after turning the key
  • Does the engine start, if not, after 1 short trial, just contact customer service

Yes, we have a replacement vehicle provided in case of a breakdown

Yes, no problem, we will recalculate the rental price and issue the desired car for you.

This option is not provided, besides it can be dangerous for your life, also in such a situation no insurance works.

If your driver's license has expired, you cannot be issued a car unless otherwise provided by law.

We have cars with manual and automatic transmission.

Just order a car on the website, we can drop off at the airport and meet you.

As a rule, this option is paid, the cost depends on the city, but there are also options for free return of the car in another region.

Unfortunately, we do not have a financial leasing option.

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of the insurance company do not provide for such an option, besides, we do not have a special fleet for cabs.

Yes, we can provide you with a drivers service.

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