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Взять авто на прокат во Львове

There are situations when you need a car urgently: for the implementation of work goals, a ride on a business trip, a vacation in the countryside, a date or other unplanned event. In addition, your own car can unexpectedly fail — in this case, you should use the «Car rental in Lviv» service.


Anyone who has not encountered such a service may think that this procedure is long and expensive, and it is easier to use a taxi service. However, this is not the case. It is very easy to rent a car in Lviv. The procedure goes as follows:


●       Car selection. A large fleet of cars includes a variety of car models, which differ in comfort class, manufacturer and price.

●       Selection of suitable conditions. Three variants of cooperation have been developed on the Auto Arenda website. At the minimum rental price, pay a security deposit, at the maximum — no (and there are no mileage restrictions). All conditions are described on the website. You can find out more information by phone.

●       After agreeing on the brand of the car and the tariff package, you will need to make a 100% prepayment for all days of use. The deposit/deductible is paid if the economy or standard cooperation option is chosen.

●       Car delivery at a convenient place for the customert after presenting a passport and driver's license.


Nuances when concluding a car rental agreement in Lviv


There are some peculiarities, for example, requirements for age and driving experience. They are due to experience in this area and the need to comply with road safety rules. Conditions


How long can you rent a car in Lviv?


The minimum rental period is a day.

The maximum is unlimited.

Машина на прокат, цены

However, there are nuances: when you choose a car hire for a long term, the price per day will significantly decrease (subject to 100% payment for the entire period). If you rent a car for a period of more than 3 months, you need to check the payment terms with the manager by phone or in the office.


How much do you need to pay in order to rent a car in Lviv for daily ride?


The amount depends on the chosen car and tariff plan. It is worth noting that in some cases it is required to pay a deposit / deductible amount - so the rental price will be cheaper. However, there is a tariff package «All inclusive», where the deposit is not provided. Its price is slightly higher, but it is justified by unlimited mileage, great service opportunities and lack of collateral.


How can you pay for car hire?


You can pay in several ways:


●      Cash. At the office or when picking up a car. You can pay by card, cash in hryvnia, and by transfer money through an online bank service to a card.

●       transferring funds to a current account. In this case, we issue an invoice to the client and, after providing the service, we issue an act of completion. The deposit ammount is not accepted by bank transfer, since it is not income and is returned to the client when the car is returned.


All payments you made in national currency — hryvnia. You can find out more detailed information by phone.


Can I rent a car «without a driver» ?


Yes. You pay for the «car rental with a driver» service separately and it is optional.


Аренда авто во Львове без водителя


What are the conditions to order a cheap car rental in Lviv?


If you want to save money, you should use the "Economy" or "Standard" tariff plan. However, so that the savings do not turn out to be imaginary, you need to calculate all the costs and benefits. When concluding a car rental agreement at the above rates, the rental price will actually be lower. However, a prerequisite is added — the payment of a deposit, which can be used to pay off losses in case of damage to the vehicle. If there were no accidents with the car? the deposit is returned to the customer.

More car rental rates here


Lviv: economy and business class car rental

The company has a large fleet of cars presented with different classes, which allows you to hire a car based on your needs and capabilities. All vehicles are in good condition as they have regular maintenance. We install tires according to the season. You can pick up and return the vehicle at a convenient time.


Why is it worth to order a rental service at the Auto Arenda (Lviv) website?


The company provides:


●       Large selection of cars.

●       Favorable rental conditions available to everyone.

●       Options for payment, delivery and return of cars.

●       Quality service.


Enjoy your trips, save money and feel comfort with Auto Arenda Lviv.

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