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The most popular mistakes at an accident The road traffic accident in Ukraine is not a rarity, but an everyday norm. However, a big part of the drivers does not know how typical and widespread the mistakes they do while driving. This is the very reason why we created for you a list of the most typical mistakes that the drivers make every day. Read them in order not to become one of them.

Wet asphalt

What is, in your opinion, a friction coefficient of the tires with a wet asphalt? It is les in several times than with the dry one. The brake-way becomes longer that makes the risk of an accident higher – if you will be driving with the same speed, with which you got used to, you will get into the road traffic accident. And this will be your fault.

A piece of advice: drive slowly on the wet asphalt.

«Wrong turn»

According to the road traffic rules, if the car in front of you made a sign that he will turn left, then the vehicle behind him must not overtake his car. Very few drivers pay attention to this fact.

A piece of advice: be more attentive concerning the signs that make the car driver in front of you. And you`d better reread the rules of the road traffic accident if such a fact is a surprise for you.

The roadside

Some drivers think that the roadside is an additional roadside where you can easily drive your car. Just remember the road traffic rules – they forbid to drive onto a roadside.

A piece of advice: if you urgently need to stop the car, you have right to do it on the roadside. But not to drive there to get to your destination faster.

The abovementioned recommendations will help you not to provoke a risk of an accident. If you have any other useful pieces of advice concerning this topic, leave your feedback in order to make the article more useful to other road traffic participants.

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