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About car rental in Novomoskovsk

You will find out everything about Autoprokat company and its car rental benefits in Novomoskovk by reading this article.

5 features why you need to rent a car

  1. You are going to buy a car but you cannot say for sure that this model is the very one you want to drive for long years. You need a test drive.
  2. Your own car is being repaired now and you need to do something in order to not walk to the destination on foot or not to waste the whole salary on taxi services.
  3. You are going for a trip to Novomoskovsk for sightseeing. If you rent a car, you will do it in the shortest terms.
  4. You are going for a business trip to Novomoskovsk. The best decision would be to rent a car for such kind of a trip.
  5. You are looking for a comfortable and cheap travel method. And it is about car rental from Autoprokat.

A car just as a new one

There are not only new cars at Autoprokat fleet, but also those that were rented more than once. We can reassure you that they look much better than you can suppose. You will receive a car in a good state, all the cars in the company`s fleet look just the new ones. And their technical state is the best of the best. You can get acquainted with fleet in Novomoskovsk by following the link

Car rental in Novomoskovsk

Twenty-four-hour support

Autoprokat company keeps in touch with its lessees 24/7. That means that when you call at any time convenient (or inconvenient) for you, the company`s employee will answer you and help to solve any question concerning car rental.

Which expenses you may have

When you rent a car, you need to be always ready that car rental may result in such expenses, as:

  1. Deductible – the sum that is not paid by the insurance company when the insured event occurs.
  2. The change of car rental cost that depends on the car rental period. If you change the number of car rental days, the car rental cost also changes.

3 benefits of Autoprokat

  1. A big fleet – there are the cars from economy class to SUV, you can choose a car with a petrol engine or a diesel one, with manual or autonomic transmission – everything depends on your priorities.
  2. The number of car rental days is not limited – if you want you can take a car for a few number of days or for a long term.
  3. Beneficial car rental conditions – you rent a car on conditions that suits you. The comfort state of the lessees is the priority of Autoprokat company.
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Car fleet in Novomoskovsk

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