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Autoprokat update

An update on the website, in the Brains and in the Heads


                A trademark Auto Arenda is going to be reformatted. In a few months we hope, that we will be able to make you happy with not only updated design of our website but with a new low-cost system. We want to offer you one of the best price offer on our website of car rental in Ukraine. On the basis of Auto Arenda there will be created a company of the cheap car rental services in Ukraine.

                We are going to create an advanced booking and always offer you some special offers that would give you an ability to take a car for a rent at this very day at a low cost. Our task will be achieved in the way of making sales through the excesses that means that there will be a special strategy.

                Auto Arenda will not offer you car rental for 5 euros and at the same moment misinform you with the help of prepayments. “Pay for a year and a half in advance and then you will never see us and our company again” – no, we will offer you low cost right now. Our motto will be – buy now and cheaper. An online-calculator will be created for the prices of car rental for you to feel comfortable enough.

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