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5 best restaurants of the capital of Ukraine

You arrived at Kyiv and, as you are here, you want to taste national Ukrainian cuisine? Or you got used to national dishes so much that you do not want to eat something different? Especially for you we have prepared an article about the best Kyiv restaurants, where traditional Ukrainian dishes are served.


This is an heir of the restaurant where the varenyky were served and one of the oldest Kyiv restaurants. The restaurant is specialized on varenyky: you may be served with 13 kinds of varenyky with different stuffing (with liver, blueberry) and different means of cooking, as well as dressed with whatever you like. The dough is very thin, and there is much stuffing in them. Though the restaurant is famous for the Ukrainian cuisine and the visitors come here to taste national dishes, the European cuisine is also served here, for example, a juicy stake may be cooked for you. The restaurant Petrus-ь works 24/7, you are welcomed at any time.

Canapa (Канапа)

The owners of Canapa restaurant are a famous musician Oleh Skrypka and Kyiv restauranteur Dmytro Borysov. There is only high Ukrainian cuisine combined with the elements of molecular cuisine in the restaurant. And only local products are used: every season the restaurant employers make a trip on Ukrainian farms in search of something new that can diversify the rich menu. The entertainment program consists of literature reading, modern live music and many other things that may be organized in the restaurant.


Khutorets on Dnipro (Хуторець на Дніпрі)

This is a floating restaurant that is landed at the Harbour Bridge. It was created more than twenty years ago. In the warm season, the restaurant goes boating with its visitors on Dnipro river. The eighteen years old clients are offered more than 80 sorts of the real Ukrainian vodka. You can spend great time there, eating the tastiest Ukrainian dishes and enjoying the beautiful views on the river and its banks.

Sho (Шо)

The difference from other restaurants is in that Sho restaurant is the biggest on the territory of Kyiv (close to 700 square meters). The building is decorated like the Ukrainian mud hut. The restaurant appearance and the Ukrainian cuisine is on the highest level, so you can invite a foreigner for a dinner. The duck with apples, Lviv syrniki (cheese pancakes) and Kyiv cake are the examples of the Ukrainian dishes that are served in “Sho” restaurant.

The Last Barricade (Ostannya Barycada)

This is at the same time a restaurant and a museum of three Ukrainian revolutions. Nobody can let you here just because, even if you are very hungry: in order to enter you have to have a password. Do not get scared, there is nothing difficult, you will always be given as many tips as you need. The strong drinks are prepared here only according to the traditional Ukrainian recipes, as well as all other dishes. So, read a little bit about the Ukrainian history and go ahead to the barricades.

Khutorets on Dnipro
The Last Barricade

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