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The reasons to rent a car at Autoprokat
Of course, car rental in Ukraine depends on which car rental company you will choose and how much money you want to save.
Because there are good companies, owing a new car rental fleet , with a car choice for your demands and according to this the cost varies. However there are some companies with a small fleet of old cars, unclear rules and incommensurable high tariffs on car rental services, But in the peak season you must not save on this.
Because the potentially high demand and successful experience of the trusted companies leaves you less opportunities to use car rental services from a trusted company favorably in time of need. So, do not hesitate and order car rental at our company
The leading positions are taken by some companies but we are confidently going to the list of the leaders, due to:
  • - A high quality of the service we offer;
  • - Transparency of the prices;
  • - Additional services (gps navigator, a child booster)
  • - The guarantees and ambitions to give the service of a good quality and in time to every client.
Car rental is no longer at the sphere of VIP-services. Our clients are not just foreigners, but the drivers of Former Soviet Republic countries, mostly from Russia.
In the current situation it is not popular to use the service to give a car for a rent with a driver, because almost everybody has a driver`s license and enough driving experience. 
As we offer car rental in Ukraine, you will be able to do everything you have planned, to have a good rest and solve all your business questions in Ukraine.
The managers of our company are always ready to book a car for you and answer all your questions.! 

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