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Booking a car: class and gearbox

Order a car for a rent of a particular mark – usually the orders are taken on the car class.

Car rental companies that take an order for a car from a client, usually take an order on car class and the gearbox. It means that if you, for example, ordered a car of the medium class, you can be given the next cars: Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Hyundai i20, Renault Logan NEW, Skoda Fabia, Hyundai Accent (Solaris), Renaul tLogan, Kia Rio and others in this class, taking into account a gearbox that you have chosen. That means that if you, for example, chose Hyundai I20 with automatic gearbox, you can be givenSkoda Fabia with automatic gearbox, you can be given another car in the class but you will never be given a car with another gearbox. Such a situation is with every rental car, if you book a car, your order is applied only to the class.

Our company that has quite a big fleet can let itself take orders not only for the class and the gearbox but also on a certain car in every class. This is an additional service that is why specify the cost calling the operator. You can order a car class in every city where our offices are located. Order a car at our company and you will get a car that you like at the lowest costs.. With our cars you will feel comfortable, safe and sound. You can order a car just today, filling in the form on our website or making a phone call. You can order a car for a rent 24/7. Moreover, the receiving and returning of the car is also 24/7

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