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Car rental prices formation

When the warm season comes to an end in car rental sphere there is also a “freeze”, a big amount of transport comes back and becomes less in demand. To prolong the summer, the car rental companies use a lot of sales and special offers, offering a car with big sales. In Kyiv the prices are falling very quickly, that is why car rental in Kyiv influences a lot weather fluctuations and a season.

The amount of sales of course depends from different market factors, demands and costly prices. It is not worth thinking that the executor of car rental services in Donetsk or Kharkiv will make the prices 80% less – no, in car rental business it is impossible, but the seasonal price fall on 20 or as a maximum 30% less, you can wait for it. The price fall may not always reflect upon the right price-list with a title minus 30% - this may be just additional services and bonuses that may be offered to the client for free: navigator, car delivery and car choice and other services.

In 2013 season, there will be a lot of good prices but the warm weather in 2014 may reflect upon big prices increase that will be connected with a car procurement of 2013 and 2014 that become more expensive after the imposition of a duty and recycling fee.

We will hope that the car rental prices will not influence the clients and that Ukraine will become an associated party of European Union and the duties will fall again.

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