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New cars in the rental fleet

You can rent a car in any case your own transport breaks down or you are temporarily left without a car. Also car rental helps learning all the delights of new car brands. That is why our company "AutoArenda" sets one of the tasks - the constant renewal of the car fleet.

What have we added to our fleet lately?

  • The latest generation Volkswagen JettaThe latest generation Volkswagen Jetta. You will not find such a car in any rental. We were one of the first to purchase such cars. In our fleet, it is marked as VW Jetta New. These cars are available in white, black and silver colour in our fleet, all with automatic transmission and turbocharged 1.4-liter engine. Among the interesting options in the car, you can see the distronic system, when the car warns you of danger or a reduction in distance from the front, rear and sides. The work of distronic is very interesting, it not only signals with a sound signal and information on the display; it also brakes or stops the car at low speeds, and this makes the car even safer.

  • Toyota SiennaToyota Sienna is a minivan with a 3.5-liter engine and all-wheel drive. An excellent family car, which is very comfortable to travel. In addition to the driver, the car has space for 6 passengers, there is enough space for luggage. The cabin can be transformed into 4 and 5-seater, creating an even larger luggage compartment. Together with very comfortable seats, the car has additional comfort options, including:
    1. Blinds for rear passengers - lifted to protect from the rays of the sun.
    2. Roof rails and lintels - for placing roof racks or ski carriers, very convenient for trips to hikes, to resorts.
    3. Climate control - not only separate, but also a separate climate for the rear rows of passengers, with a separate regulation of intensity. All this done in the factory, it works great.
    4. Bluetooth audio system is a great system that allows you to connect various devices and listen to your audio recordings.
    5. Automatic door opening - the doors to cars can opened not with a handle, but with a button, just like the trunk. Pressing the button - the door opens, pressing again leads to the closing of the doors.

  • VW EOSVW EOS car is a full-fledged 4-seater convertible with a hard top. If you don't have a convertible, it's not worth buying. In order to understand what a convertible is, it is enough to rent a car for just a few days or hours. Take a car, go for a drive with friends and girlfriends and return it. The car is equipped with an automatic transmission and climate control. So, if it's hot or cold, you can always raise the roof and turn on the climate control, which will adjust the interior temperature in the car.

This is not a complete list of our new products, in addition, new products never end, but in this list, we have introduced several new models in our fleet. They will be able to help you in various situations: drive a new car model, go on vacation with a large company, or simply have a great convertible-weekend.

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