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While buying any item we are thinking in which way we will pay: whether it will be cash or a bankcard. Paying with the bank card with the help of the terminal lets you not to carry huge sums of money in your pocket and feel comfortable and use a plastic card in a suitable way. “Auto Arenda” car rental company offers you to use our services of car rental from one day and more. To do this you must have such documents as: your passport, driver`s license and your tax paying number as well as the whole sum for the period of car rental and deposit sum. For you to be comfortable car rental "Auto Arenda" offers you an availability of choosing the sum of deposit for car rental, it can be made as in cash so with the help of the terminal. That is why while paying the whole sum for car rental and a deposit, of course your bankcard in priority with the help of which you can pay on the terminal in the office. Moreover there is an availability to pay for car rental when you receive a car in the city or in the airport. The payment can also be made in cash or with bankcard. For doing this you just need to book a car, fill in your time and place receiving a car and also you must make it clear in which way you are going to pay. If it is a bankcard, our operator will take a terminal for you to pay in place of receiving a car. Car rental "Auto Arenda" takes care about your comfort. We will be glad to see / hear you and your orders.

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