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Changes: electronic policy of insurance

The valid third party liability insurance of those who own a car may be presented, on demand, on the electronic device. Of course, you can still show it on paper if you want to take it and keep in the car.

Such changes to the Road traffic rules were made on the 3rd of April 2019 and they were approved by the order #258 from the 27th of March 2019.

The insurance policy data will be checked by the employees of Enforcement agencies with a data basis of Motor (transport) insurance bureau.

Why do we need such changes?

On the special governmental website it was explained why such changes have been made: in order to control the presence /absence of third party liability insurance by the employees of departments of National Police. They have a responsibility to check the fact of insurance policy in Motor (transport) insurance bureau.

When can I be checked?

However, the proper authorities may check you and make a protocol (if you don`t have an insurance policy) only in two cases: formalizing road traffic accident or making a protocol about road traffic rules violation.

Изменения полиса страхования
Запрос проверки полиса

Who else is engaged into this?

It is worth mentioning, that the Border Force can also check the presence / absence of your insurance policy at the very moment when you are crossing the border of Ukraine using any vehicle you would like to. The insurance policy “Green card”, that you need to have while crossing the border must be given to you in the in the print format and may not be filled in by hand.

Some more changes

In National financial service also was approved a bill about making third party liability more expensive. In such a case, the drivers must be ready that the third party liability insurance must be on 20-30% more expensive.

The reasons of making the prices higher

  • - Minimum salary increase;
  • - Hryvnia devalvation;
  • - Making the prices on the spare parts and expended supplies higher
Пограничная служба и страховой полис
Подорожание страхового полиса
Почему поднимутся цены на полис

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