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How to make your car live longer

You have bought a car just a couple of years ago but it is already looks like “a car that has seen everything”? Every driver knows about taking regularly your car to the technical service, change oil in the car and inner brake pad in time. But there are some others less known means hot to make the life of your car longer.

No abrupt movements

The biggest strain on the engine is in that time when you going faster, but not when you are constantly driving on the high speed (as many drivers mistakenly think). That is why, you`d better start to drive smoothly and no sudden movements, if you of course do not want your engine to be damaged.

Car wash

A lot of drivers are sure that the main aim in car wash is to make it shine bright like a diamond and look decently, in general. So that the car will look great and everybody envies you and think like it was just bought.

However, there are more important details, why you should wash your car often. The matter is that in winter the roads are covered with special reagents. When they are on the car it leads to the corrosion and damage to the car paint film. When you wash a car, you also clear it from reagents and prevent car damage. In such a way, your car will be in a better state (comparing to its “peers”) and can function for a longer period of time.

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Take away all unnecessary things

The less the car weights – the less is the strain on the engine and the breaks. That is why do not turn your car into a wardrobe, garage or something else and get away from the things you night need some time in the future.

These rules are clear and it will not be difficult not only to the experienced driver but to amateurs also, who just have bought a car and do not quite understand its technical processes. The main thing is to carry about your car.

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